California's Refugee Reproductive Health Network (ReproNet): Engaging Refugee Women in Research Partnerships

Presenter: Malalai Yusufzai, NP, Carmichael Medical Center and interpreter into Dari : Dr. Atefa Hakimi,  Refugee Health, Sacramento County Health Clinic

The Refugee Reproductive Health Network (ReproNet) conducted its first meetings with the Refugee Patient Task Force on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening in January 2020. Meetings were coordinated with the Afghan Sacramento Community, Aisha Masjid Mosque and the United West East African Support Team Center and the Syrian community center in San Diego.  

The University of California Irvine (UCI) received a two-year Eugene Washington Engagement Award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Partner campuses are UC San Diego, UC Davis, and UC San Francisco. 

With funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), ReproNet aims to create a CA statewide Refugee Reproductive Health Network (ReproNet) in which refugee women have been directly engaged as stakeholders. The initial focus will be on six countries of origin (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo) that resettled in San Diego and Sacramento in the past ten years. 

The network aims to:

  1. Strengthen refugee-academic community partnerships through the formation of a statewide reproductive health network with local branches in San Diego and Sacramento
  2. Engage in dialogue to capture experiences and preferences for well-woman care among refugees
  3. Set a research and policy agenda for future collaborations at a symposium at UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, in spring 2021

For more information and events, sign up for the provider and researcher panel or contact one of the co-investigators and student representatives.

Maneesha Muriki (UCD), Heike Thiel de Bocanegra (UCI), Atefa Hakimi (Sacramento County Health Clinic), Sereen Banna (UCD/UCI), Nossin Khan (UCD)

UC campus contacts:

Heike Thiel de Bocanegra, PhD, MPH, Project lead
University of California, Irvine

Sheila Mody, MD, MPH
University of California, San Diego

Patrick Marius Koga, MD
University of California, Davis

Fatima Karaki, MD
University of California, San Francisco

Zahra Goliaei, MD, MPH, PhD candidate
University of California, Merced

Student representatives:

Sereen Banna

Rawnaq Behnam

Sarah Najjar