COE Student Ambassadors

The Planetary Health Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students who are dedicated to becoming leaders in planetary health and sustainable development. Ambassadors develop, organize and promote planetary health activities on their campuses and across UC to expand knowledge of planetary health issues, mobilize student, faculty and staff involvement in COE initiatives and catalyze critical change.

Colin Baylen

Colin BaylenUC San Francisco

Colin is a first-year medical student and a co-founder of Human Health + Climate Change, an interdisciplinary student organization at UCSF that aims to enact change and create awareness around climate-health issues. The consequences of a changing climate on food security, human migration and the direct and derivative impact on health outcomes are of particular interest to him.

Kim Do

Kim DoUC Berkeley

Kim Do is a junior studying Conservation & Resource Studies and minoring in Global Poverty & Practice. Her involvement in environmental advocacy ranges from proposing lawn water policy regulations with the City of San Jose to working with a local non-profit Center for Environmental Health to test consumer products for toxins. She is most passionate about providing environmental education in underserved communities as she did Summer 2018 in Oahu, Hawaii.

Sana Khader

Sana KhaderUC Berkeley

Sana is a second-year majoring in Data Science and GIS. She hopes to apply her technical skills to expand justice for the environment and marginalized people. She is a first-generation Indian- and Muslim-American woman, all of which factor strongly into her identity. She is very interested in the intersection of human health and the environment, and cannot wait to learn more about planetary health.

Jessica Heiges

Jessica HeigesUC Berkeley

Jessica Heiges is a second year Master of Development Practice (College of Natural Resources). Her degree’s focus is on environmental sustainability in the context of supply chain management and waste management. She is the Student Lead for the Chou Hall Zero Waste Initiative, which aims to make Chou Hall (at the Haas School of Business), the first TRUE Zero Waste certified academic building in the US.

Jin Jackson

Jin JacksonUC Berkeley

Jin is a third year Global Development Studies major. She hopes to combine her interests in medicine, nutrition, sustainability and the environment and travel into one career. Growing up in a very small rural community she learned the values of living in a sustainable and healthy manner and wants to share her passion for creating a healthy and green environment.

Tessa Dickson

Tessa DicksonUC Davis

Tessa is a third year Global Disease Biology major. As a pre-medical student, she is also interested in medical research, specifically related to infectious disease. Global health has always been a big interest of hers, especially after studying abroad in South Africa during summer 2018.

Hailey Gleason

Hailey GleasonUC Davis

Hailey is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science and Management and double minoring in Technology Management and Global and International Studies. She is currently a commissioner for the Academic Affairs Commission within the Associated Students of UC Davis as well as on campus peer advisor. She grew up in a small town in Northern California completely immersed in nature, and she wants to ensure that others have the opportunity to benefit from its astounding attributes as much as she has.

Annica Stull-Lane

Annica Stull-LaneUC Davis

As an MD/PhD student, Annica’s career goals in academic medicine involve leading a collaborative and clinically relevant research laboratory, caring for patients as an infectious disease physician, and mentoring future clinicians and researchers. She is interested in studying infectious diseases of global and public health importance, elucidating molecular mechanisms of disease, and addressing complex health problems through the One Health approach.

Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie NguyenUC Irvine

Stephanie is a fourth year majoring in Health Sciences. After graduation, she plans on volunteering abroad though the Peace Corps as a Sustainable Agriculture Educator or Water, Sanitation, Hygiene (WASH) and Nutrition Facilitator. After two years abroad, she will pursue a PhD in Public Health with a specialty in Environmental Health and Urban Planning.

Elizabeth Savin

Elizabeth SavinUC Irvine

Elizabeth is a second year double majoring in Public Health Sciences and Urban Studies. She is a Research Safety and Compliance Student Worker at the Environmental Health and Safety department for the Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE) program. There she assists with student safety in labs. Elizabeth has experience with research and analyzing online data from Environmental Health Agencies. She envisions a better future for our planet through sustainable urban planning and architecture.

Dana Connolly

Dana ConnollyUCLA

Dana is a second year student in the Family Nurse Practitioner Master of Science program with the Occupational and Environmental Health focus. Her experience as an Intensive Care and Emergency nurse and experience working on medical missions in Africa and Central America has taught her that health is determined by more than what happens within a hospital. She hopes to drive action that can make a real difference in the future health of our planet and global community.

Seth Judson

Seth JudsonUCLA

Seth is a fourth year medical student hoping to bridge the gap between ecology and medicine by elucidating how different environments influence our health. His research and clinical work focuses on understanding the environmental contexts of health, investigating emerging pathogens and species interactions, and translating these findings to help patients and policymakers. Most recently he has been working with collaborators in Cameroon to improve risk maps for Ebola virus and other emerging zoonotic viruses.

Jonathan Tsou

Jonathan TsouUCLA

Jonathan is a third year undergraduate majoring in psychology. He is involved in emergency medical services as both an Emergency Medical Technician and Community Emergency Response Team member. Previous he was Communications Director for the student government at UC Santa Cruz and worked within the Counseling and Psychological Services as both a Peer Educator and a member of the Search Committee.

Desiree Morales

Desiree MoralesUC Merced

Desiree is a Psychology major, Public Health minor undergraduate student. She was born and raised in Riverside, CA. She is passionate about public health and sustainability.

Sophia Li

Sophia LiUC Merced

Sophia is a public health undergrad at UC Merced. After finishing her undergrad, she plans to work in policy where she can use her voice to create change.

Karla Zavala

Karla ZavalaUC Merced

Karla is a senior Public Health major and Psychology minor. She is inspired by professionals in her field to make a difference in her community. She hopes to one-day work for the World Health Organization and help countries all over the world fight diseases and solve problems that affect the population.

Connor Magee

Connor MageeUC Riverside

Connor’s foci with the UCGHI Planetary Health Center of Expertise Student Ambassador Program involve efforts to develop, organize and promote environmental issues to catalyze critical change, locally and globally, through a utilization of governmental and non-government programs and initiatives. Connor is a Pala tribal community member (Payomkawichum/Cahuilla) who works to integrate his peoples’ Traditional Ecological Knowledge with emerging and innovative technologies.

Caitlin Shin

Caitlin ShinUC San Diego

Caitlin is a sophomore majoring in Global Health and General Biology. She hopes to become a practicing physician who also conducts Global Health research. Through the PHCOE's Student Ambassador program, she hopes to bring conversation about Planetary Health to UC San Diego and increase student participation in Global Health events on campus.

Jenny Zhu

Jenny ZhuUC San Diego

Jenny is a second year Physiology and Neuroscience student. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career as a physician. She is passionate about protecting marine mammals through reducing the human footprint in everyday life. Jenny is excited to collaborate with people of similar goals to protect the fragile ecosystem.

Bennett Kissel

Bennett KisselUCSF

Bennett is a third year medical student at UCSF. As a California native, the interplay between people, animals and local ecology must have made its mark, as he dedicates his work and study to topics of human and environmental health. His passion is to bring awareness and advocacy around climate change and biodiversity loss to the health professions.

Yuki (Christine) Huang

Yuki (Christine) HuangUC Santa Barbara

Yuki is a second year double majoring in Environmental Studies (B.A.) and Psychology and Brain Sciences (B.S.). Originally, from Dallas, Texas, she has lived in China, Taiwan and, most recently, in Mountain View, CA. She is passionate about the environment, and her dream is to make a positive contribution to preserving the beauty of our planet so that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

Michelle Huang

Michelle HuangUC Santa Barbara

Michelle is a junior studying Environmental Studies. Her main interest is exploring the bridge between human health and the environment, specifically with how and why exposure to contaminants in the environment may adversely affect the human body. She aspires to provide under-served communities with better access to healthcare.

Brittany Theilen

Brittany TheilenUC Santa Barbara

Originally from Ames, Iowa, Brittany moved to California to pursue a MS degree. Her thesis research involves reconstructing recent sea-level curves from Livingston Island, Antarctica. She plans to use her geoscience background to help educate society about inevitable sea level rise due to the warming climate and inspire change. Brittany plans to motivate others into utilizing more sustainable options to keep the planet healthy and mitigate future environmental disasters.

Alyssa Carney

Alyssa CarneyUC Santa Barbara

Alyssa is a third year Biology major. She enjoys volunteering and looks forward to a career in the medical field. She spent the last semester studying abroad in Rome, Italy and traveling throughout Europe.

Maria Rivera

Maria RiveraUC Santa Barbara

Maria is a fourth year Environmental Studies major and Science Education minor. She is passionate about our planet’s health and public health as well as educating others about such issues.

Theresa Hice Johnson

Theresa Hice JohnsonUC Santa Cruz

Theresa is a second year PhD student in the UCSC Sociology Department pursuing designated emphases in Feminist Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. Her research combines elements of cultural studies, postcolonial studies, education and sociology to analyze the effects of international travel on African American youth's racial identity construction.

Isabella Kressman

Isabella KressmanUC Santa Cruz

Isabella is a senior pursuing a B.A. in Anthropology and in Environmental Studies. Her studies are focused on Social Justice Theory, Sustainability and Archaeology. She is a Historic Interpreter for the local Santa Cruz Mission, a role that has piqued an interest in Indigenous pathways within current methods of resource management and distribution, while also historicizing contemporary injustices.

Manya Balachander

Manya BalachanderUC Santa Cruz

Manya is an undergraduate double majoring in Psychology and Community Studies. She is interested in forced migration as a planetary health concern, looking at the intersection of mental health and resettlement, and how we can better address the mental and emotional needs of refugees and immigrants around the world.