Every year across the world:

  • 560,000 women die of pregnancy-related causes
  • 20-40% of births are unwanted or mistimed
  • 150 million couples have unmet needs in family planning
  • 20 million abortions are performed in unsafe conditions
  • 333 million new cases of curable STIs are diagnosed

The Center of Expertise on Women, Gender and Empowerment aims to reduce those numbers through our research and work in the field.


  • Reach large numbers of UC students through pioneering education activities
  • Catalyze new teaching on women's health, gender and empowerment, using our scholarly work (link to publications section)
  • Engage all 10 UC campuses in our work
  • Partner and collaborate with local and global NGOs to expand advocacy for gender equality and the human right to health

Signature Research Project

Empower Campuses for Sexual Respect and Safety

Sexual violence is a widespread problem on campuses globally, with up to one in four undergraduate women and some men affected. In partnership with every UC campus, the COE intends to foster implementation and evaluation of interventions to reduce sexual violence on campuses.