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Latinxs and the Environment Seminar


November 16, 2017


Center for Latino Policy Research (CLPR)
2547 Channing Way
Berkeley, California 94720




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Federico Castillo

This seminar is part of the planning stages for summit planned for Spring 2018. The summit will address pressing issues related to Latinos and how they are impacted by environmental factors including but not limited to climate change, urban and rural pollution, participation in the green labor market, education for Latinos interested in the environment and STEM fields, and water quality and quantity among others. These and other themes will be addressed as complementary and closely linked to one another. Thus, we seek a cohesive and comprehensive approach to the topic of how Latinos relate to the Environment.

A specific outcome of the summit is the creation of a roadmap and a streamlined concept paper for academics, policy-makers, and non-profit organizations that guides organizations towards clear goals and policy action. The documents generated from the summit will also serve as platforms for fund-seeking and will clearly define pathways of action for all three main participants as a group and/or individually. We aim at organizing an annual summit where stakeholders share past experiences, forge new plans of action and plan on additional activities that sustain the overall goal of improving environmental conditions for Latinos in our state.

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