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Migration and Health


The COEMH has a joint governance structure split between lead campuses in Northern and Southern California, located at UC Davis and UC Los Angeles, respectively. Each of the lead campuses will work collaboratively with sister institutions in their respective halves of the state: UC Davis working with UCSF and UC Berkeley, Merced and UC Santa Cruz, and UCLA collaborating with UC Irvine, UCSD, UC Santa Barbara and UC Riverside. The northern and southern hubs of the COEMH will each be governed by a Director from the lead institution. Resources will be split between the northern and southern components of this COEMH. The directors of the northern and southern lead campuses will be responsible for allocation of resources. Each of the ten UC campuses has faculty representation on the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee

  • Michael Rodríguez, Co-Director
    UC Los Angeles
  • Marc Schenker, Co-Director
    UC Davis
  • Xochitl Castañeda — Co-Associate Director
    UC Berkeley
  • David López-Carr — Co-Associate Director
    UC Santa Barbara
  • Victoria Ojeda
    UC San Diego
  • Frank D. Bean
    UC Irvine
  • Steve Wallace
    UC Los Angeles
  • Claire Brindis
    UC San Francisco
  • Shannon Gleeson
    UC Santa Cruz
  • David Ojcius
    UC Merced
  • Karthick Ramakrishnan
    UC Riverside


Co-associate directors

David López-Carr

UC Santa Barbara

Xochitl Castañeda

UC Berkeley



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