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Women’s Health & Empowerment

The Center of Expertise in Women’s Health and Empowerment believes that advances in women’s health globally are impeded by poverty, limited access to educational and economic opportunities, gender bias and discrimination, unjust laws, and insufficient state accountability. These forces intersect to restrict access to vital women’s health services and the information that women need to improve their lives. By prioritizing women’s health concerns, rights, and empowerment, this COE is uniquely poised to catalyze societal-level changes that will yield sustainable improvements in health and well-being for women on a global scale.

To make major improvements in women’s health, you can’t look solely through a medical lens, so we’re really trying to look more creatively and innovatively at how to achieve better health for women through less traditional mechanisms.
Paula Tavrow, co-director
Women’s Health & Empowerment COE


Craig Cohen, MD, MPH

UC San Francisco

Paula Tavrow, PhD

UC Los Angeles


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