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Women's Health, Gender, and Empowerment


Signature Research Project on Campus Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault
Partnering with Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) advocates on each University of California campus and partner universities in the global south to conduct sexual violence research and program evaluation.

Research Aims

Potential Projects

  • Integrate empowerment science in to existing WH research
  • Develop interventions to improve women’s empowerment and their effect on health outcomes
  • Examine rights and policies effect on GBV and health outcomes
  • Examine the impact of rights and health policy (e.g. health care reform in the US) on the sexual & reproductive health of most-at-risk-populations (MARPS) in California and globally

Longer Term Projects

Identify natural experiments and effective interventions to elucidate the dynamics of the relationships between WH & E

  • Broker knowledge to help global partners to adapt, test, and implement effective programs
  • Examine mechanisms by which interventions (including a range of technologies) were effective

Identify the barriers to implementing known, evidence-based interventions to achieve our numeric goals

  • 560,000 women die of pregnancy-related causes (99% in LDCs)
  • 20-40% of births are unwanted or mistimed
  • 150 million couples have unmet need for family planning
  • 50 million abortions per year; 20 million are unsafe
  • 333 million new cases of curable STDS every year


Ndola Prata, MD

UC Berkeley

Deputy Directors

Maureen Ries, MD

UC Irvine

Ushma Upadhyay,

UC San Francisco

Jennifer Wagman

UC San Diego

Please note: Funding awarded to the COE on Women's Health, Gender & Empowerment is a renewal of the existing COE previously named Women's Health & Empowerment which was co-directed by Dr. Paula Tavrow (UCLA) and Dr. Craig Cohen (UCSF)