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Oladele Ogunseitan, PhD, UC Irvine, Faculty Lead for the UCGHI and UCOP Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI)

UCGHI works with multi-campus and interdisciplinary teams of faculty to launch signature education and training programs in global health. These educational opportunities position the university and its students to better contribute to and compete in a globalized world, and students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the human condition both locally and globally.

University of California Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI)

In partnership with the UC Office of the President, UCGHI and campus faculty are developing a group of undergraduate online global health courses to be offered in 2017/2018. The launch of these courses will accomplish a major goal of both UCGHI and the University to use technology to expand access to curricula. For the first time, a coordinated suite of global health courses will be available to matriculated undergraduates at all 10 campuses through ILTI's cross-campus enrollment platform.

Centers of Expertise Training Programs

Centers of Expertise (COEs) provide innovative training programs at multiple UC campuses, as well as at international partner sites. Examples include the Summer Institute of Migration and Health; the Women's Health and Empowerment Summer Institute; One Health multi-campus online courses, case-based learning modules, and fellowships; and undergraduate, graduate and professional courses.