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7th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health
June 25-29, 2012
Los Angeles, California
Call for Proposals

XI Binational Health Week, October 1-16, 2011
Binational Health Week (BHW) is one of the largest mobilization efforts of federal and state government agencies, community-based organizations, and volunteers in the Americas to improve the health and well-being of the underserved Latino population living in the United States and Canada. It encompasses an annual weeklong series of health promotion and health education activities that include workshops, insurance referrals, vaccinations and medical screenings. This year, the eleventh BHW will take place October 1-16, 2011 in at least 40 U.S., and 3 provinces in Canada, with the participation of the consular networks in the United States of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Additionally, during BHW national campaigns will be implemented to promote awareness among the underserved Latino community. The inaugural event and Policy Forum on Migration and Health will be held on October 3-4 in San Antonio, Texas. The closing event will take place in Mexico. Check out the Binational Health Week Website for all the details about events happening in your neighborhood:

Past Events

XI Binational Policy Forum on Migration and Global Health, San Antonio, Texas, October 3-4, 2011
This is the inaugural event of Binational Health Week 2011. The event is organized by the Secretariat of Health of Mexico, the Institute of Mexicans Abroad and the Health Initiative of the Americas, in collaboration with the University of Texas at San Antonio, the UTSA Mexico Center, the YWCA and representatives of the governments of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. The objective of the Binational Forum is to convene key stakeholders from various sectors such as government, academia and community organizations to foster dialogue on the health challenges of the migrant population and explore collaborative opportunities to raise their welfare levels. The program will address the following topics: Chronic Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Women's Health, Mental Health and Access to Health Services.

Climate Change: Adapting to Impacts on Health and the Environment
September 29, 2011
Riverside, CA
Event is free but registration is required

Summer Institue at UCLA
Global Women’s Health and Empowerment
August 22 - September 2, 2011

6th Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health
June 20 - 24, 2011
Berkeley & Oakland, CA

13th Annual Northern California Global Health Conference — Global Health: Breaking Borders and Boundaries at UC Davis
April 9, 2011 (UC Davis)

Toxic Earth: Toxic Bodies Binational Perspectives in Environmental Health
April 5, 2011 (UC Riverside)

UC Haiti/Universite d’Etat d’Haiti Symposium
Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2011 on several UC campuses

UCLA Global Health Awareness Week
February 14-17, 2011 (UCLA)


UC Global Health Day
November 30, UC Irvine

Bay Area Global Health Summit: Innovation and Action for the Next Decade
October 13, 2010, UCSF Mission Bay

CUGH 2010 Annual Meeting
September 19-21, Seattle

Gates Grand Challenges Workshop
(available by videoconference to all 10 UC campuses)
September 16, 2010

Migration and Occupational Health: Shining a Light on the Problem
Monday, June 14, 2010
Washington, DC 20036

5th Summer Institute on Migration and Health
May 11-13, 2010
UC San Diego

Migration and Health Workshop
May 13-14, 2010
UC San Diego