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UCGHI Awards $223,000 in Global Health Funding to 13 UC Faculty and Postdocs

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, the UC Global Health Institute was able to provide program funding to faculty across the UC system to engage in global health research, educational and partnership activities. The general purpose of the 2012 - 2013 UC Global Health Institute (UCGHI) Awards was to support efforts towards achieving a well-defined educational, research or partnership development activity consistent with the stated goals of the three UCGHI Center of Expertise (COE) — Women’s Health & Empowerment, Migration & Health, and One Health.

The UCGHI awarded 13 professors and postdocs from eight UC campuses with awards ranging from $4,800 to $28,000. The COEs selected the awardees at the beginning of 2012 based on criteria specific to their missions.

Projects to be supported through the UCGHI award program cover a range of topics, for example one researcher will study HIV risk among female sex workers along the Mexico-Guatemala border, and another will explore the effects of food security on women’s health and empowerment in Kenya.

Migration & Health

The Migration & Health COE is providing financial support for faculty and postdoctoral fellows who engage in innovative education, research, and/or outreach activities related to migration and health.

Migration & Health COE award recipients:

  • Shira M. Goldenberg, PhD, Postdoc, UC San Diego
    An Exploratory Study of Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation, Mobility and HIV Risk among Female Sex Workers along the Mexico-Guatemala Border
  • Shannon M. Gleeson, PhD, Assistant Professor, UC Santa Cruz
    Evaluation of the strategies that multiple stakeholders engage in to deter injured workers from activating their rights under the state-mandated worker’s compensation system, and the effects this has on immigrant populations
  • Efrain Talamantes, MD, MBA, Postdoc, UCLA
    Developing and implementing curriculum on migration and health into a new UCLA year-long cluster course that will be implemented in the Fall 2012 on the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) in Latin America
  • David López-Carr, PhD, Associate Professor, UC Santa Barbara
    Studying the change in diet of Latino immigrants from Mexico and Central America by integrating three distinct methods
  • Xóchitl Castañeda, Director, Health Initiative of America, UC Berkeley
    Creating a virtual information resource center on migration and health that compiles educational and research materials for students, faculty, researchers, health advocates, and others interested in health issues of mobile populations
  • Marc B. Schenker, MD, MPH, Professor, UC Davis
    Producing high-quality illustrations for the book project: Migration and Health: A Research Methods Handbook

One Health

The One Health COE is providing funding for global health education and partnership development.

One Health COE award recipients:

  • Woutrina Miller, DVM, MPVM, PhD, Assistant Adjunct Professor, UC Davis
    Educational program development - including One Health Case Library, undergraduate and graduate instruction, and development of distance learning tools focused on One Health topic areas
  • Patricia A. Conrad, DVM, PhD, Professor, UC Davis
    Fostering international partnerships with collaborators in Tanzania, Kenya and India
  • Anil B. Deolalikar, PhD, Professor, UC Riverside
    One Health curriculum development and fostering international partnerships with collaborators in Tanzania, Kenya and India

Women’s Health & Empowerment

The Women’s Health & Empowerment (WHE) COE is providing funding support for researchers who conduct innovative field research in the areas of women’s health and empowerment and who specifically investigate the intersection and interrelated nature of these two areas.

WHE COE award recipients:

  • Sheri D. Weiser, MD, MA, MPH, Adjunct Assistant Professor, UC San Francisco
    In-depth qualitative study of the effects of food security on women’s health and empowerment in Kenya
  • Susan M. Meffert, MD, MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Francisco
    Qualitative methods identifying mental health and ARV adherence characteristics, determining the need for depression and PTSD care and empowerment factors that may influence ability to obtain mental health treatment among HIV+GBV+ women in Nyanza Province, Kenya
  • Tapan S. Parikh, PhD, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley
    Mobile Phones, Privacy & Gender Inequity in Access to Sexual Health Information in India
  • Sara J. Newmann, MD, MPH, Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Francisco
    Empowering Women in Kenya through Male Involvement in Family Planning: Suggested Strategies and Potential Negative Consequences