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  Register for UC Global Health Day by November 22

Your final chance to register for the first-ever UC Global Health Day, which will take place at UC Irvine on November 30th and will include presentations from faculty and students across the UC system, is Monday, November 22nd.

There will be no on-site registration. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear about global health work taking place throughout the UC system. It only costs $10!

For more information visit the UC Global Health Day website.

UC Global Health Day is made possible with support from the UC Global Health Institute, the UC Irvine Office of the Chancellor, and the UC Office of the President, Division of Health Sciences and Services and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Underwriting generously provided by The California Endowment.

Global Health Profiles

Each UCGHI newsletter will highlight talented faculty, students and staff across the UC system who are making important contributions to global health.

  Shannon Gleeson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies, UC Santa Cruz

Dr. Gleeson specializes in research on migrant populations, specifically on occupational health, labor rights and civic engagement. While Dr. Gleeson’s research focuses on migrant communities in the United States, a trans-border perspective is central to her theoretical approach. Her work examines how immigrants’ experiences in their country of origin impact their approach to claims-making in the United States, and how US bureaucracies such as occupational health and safety enforcement agencies and the workers’ compensation system relate to immigrants. She has also assessed the ways that local governments, civil society advocates and even consular institutions advocate for immigrant rights.
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  Jennifer Wright
PhD Candidate, Entomology
UC Riverside

From a young age, Jennifer was inspired by her strong interest in animals. Her desire to protect animals motivated her to pursue an Animal Biology degree at UC Davis, one of the co-campus leaders in the UCGHI’s One Health Center of Expertise. Originally planning to become a veterinarian, Jennifer discovered her interest in vector biology and population genetics through working with Dr. Greg Lanzaro, medical entomologist and Director of the UC Mosquito Research Program. In Dr. Lanzaro’s Vector Genetics Lab, Jennifer honed her bench skills by working on a project to determine pesticide resistance in An. gambiae, one of the most potent malaria vectors known. As a fifth-year PhD candidate at UC Riverside, Jennifer is exploring possible avenues leading to a future career in education and research in global health.
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News from the UCGHI Centers of Expertise

The UCGHI Centers of Expertise (COEs) are harnessing UC faculty expertise to address the increasingly complex global health problems and needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations. In the UCGHI’s first year, the COEs have established governance structures involving hundreds of faculty across the 10-campus UC system, designed signature research projects and implemented new global health courses.

Read more about the COEs’ activities:

  • - Migration & Health - publishes special issue of the journal FACTS
  • - One Health - applies to the National Science Foundation for funding to create water scholars
  • - Women’s Health & Empowerment - receives $416,000 grant from the NIH Fogarty International Center; hires Lindsey Zwicker as COE coordinator

Global Health Education Opportunities Around the World

The UC Global Health Institute has compiled a list of all global health education programs around the world. The Global Health Education Summary was prepared via a web search in the spring and summer of 2010 by Global Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco. The purpose was to gather information on global health degrees, concentrations/specializations, and certificates offered primarily at the graduate level. U.S. programs that offer programs titled “international health” were not included in this summary. To access the most updated and comprehensive information about each program, please visit the websites included in the document.

Global Health Spotlight
UC Haiti Initiative
  The UC-Haiti Initiative is an innovative systemwide organization developed by students in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The three co-founders, UC Berkeley undergraduate students Tu Tran and Will Smelko, and UCSB graduate student Nicolas Alberto Pascal, realized that students at all 10 campuses were looking for ways to get help to Haiti but each campus was working independently and efforts were not coordinated.
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UCLA Center for International Medicine
  The UCLA Center for International Medicine (CIM) is a non-profit organization based out of the UCLA School of Medicine dedicated to improving global health through education, training and technology. Led by Executive Director Eric Savitsky, MD, a UCLA Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine and UCLA CASIT Board of Directors member, the Center has developed into a global leader in innovative health education and training solutions and its products have been used to educate and train thousands of healthcare providers worldwide on a variety of subject matter.
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Cornelius Appointed UCGHI Co-Director for Education

Watch webcasts of the sessions
UCSF Global Health Group convened leading health and development experts on October 13

  Upcoming Events

UC Global Health Day
November 30, UC Irvine

Global Health Governance Summit
January 8-9, 2011, UCSF

Global Health Activities at Every UC Campus
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