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  Directors’ Update

As the school year ramps back up, we are excited to see the continuation of interest in global health education programs across the UC campuses. The UCSF one-year Masters of Science in Global Health experienced record demand and in September matriculated its biggest class so far (37 students) who hail from a diversity of backgrounds and interests.

In response to this growing demand, the UCGHI has convened a committee that has been hard at work planning a joint Masters program that will be offered across three UC campuses
(Davis, Riverside and San Diego). It will include specializations in Migration & Health and One Health. We expect the program proposal will be submitted to the campuses for review sometime this fall. Stay tuned!

We are also happy to announce that the second UC Global Health Day will take place at UC Berkeley on Saturday, February 4, 2012. Keynote speakers will be Sir John E. Sulston, Chair of the Institute for Science, Ethics & Innovation, University of Manchester; and Dr. Eliya Zulu, Executive Director, African Institute for Development Policy and President, Union for African Population Studies. More information will be coming soon.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy reading about the many global health activities happening across the UC campuses.

— Haile T. Debas, MD, UCGHI director and Thomas Coates, PhD, UCGHI co-director

SAVE THE DATE — 2012 UC Global Health Day
Saturday, February 4, 2012
8:30am - 5pm
Dwinelle Hall, UC Berkeley

Join UC faculty, students and staff at the second University of California Global Health Day. In the morning the theme of the sessions will be Population Growth and Global Health. Afternoon sessions will cover a broad range of global health topics, and will be presented by faculty and students from across the UC system.

We are excited to announce keynote speakers:

  • Sir John E. Sulston, Chair of the Institute for Science, Ethics & Innovation, University of Manchester
  • Dr. Eliya Zulu, Executive Director, African Institute for Development Policy and President, Union for African Population Studies

Information about registration and abstract submission coming soon.

Sponsored by the UC Global Health Institute in partnership with the UC Berkeley Center for Global Public Health, the UC Berkeley Bixby Center for Health, Population & Sustainability and the Northern California International Health Interest Group.

Global Health Profiles

Each UCGHI newsletter will highlight talented faculty, students and staff across the UC system who are making important contributions to global health.

  Shireen Khalife
MPH candidate
UC Irvine

Three months ago, Shireen Khalife found herself transported from the serene balmy campus of UC Irvine to the rugged unpredictable mountainsides of Yunnan province in China. “I had no idea what to expect,” she says. Khalife, an MPH candidate at the UC Irvine Public Health Program, will graduate this fall with an emphasis in Sociocultural Diversity and Health. As part of her practicum to complete her MPH program, Khalife’s trip to the Yunnan province was to work with China California Heart Watch, a nonprofit run by UC Irvine radiology professor Dr. Robert Detrano. “It was a real eye opener, because things don’t always work out the way you think they should,” she says. “The way research or public health works in the book - it’s not necessarily what happens in the field, where there are so many factors.”
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  Eva Harris, PhD
Professor of Infectious Disease
Director, Center for Global Public Health
UC Berkeley

“I’m always optimistic,” exclaims Eva Harris, PhD, with enthusiasm, when asked about her motivation and passion for global health. Harris has been working to improve human health in several of the poorest Latin American countries before the term global health even became a common catch phrase. Harris, trained as a molecular biologist at Harvard University and UC Berkeley, has reached far beyond her laboratory to find solutions to global health problems. Her laboratory in the UC Berkeley School of Public Health continues to make significant discoveries about the pathogenesis of infectious diseases, specifically Dengue and influenza. However, she stresses the critical need to translate those discoveries into practical, effective and sustainable interventions.
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  UCLA Law - Sonke Health & Human Rights Fellowship
Nomonde Nyembe and Cheri Sanger, two young lawyers from South Africa, arrived at UCLA two months ago as the first fellows of the new UCLA Law - Sonke Health & Human Rights Fellowship program. The program was created to encourage young lawyers from top graduate schools in South Africa to train for careers as impact-oriented public interest lawyers in the areas of health, human rights, HIV prevention, and gender equality. “South Africa is a vibrant constitutional democracy but its high HIV prevalence rate and high levels of sexual violence are dangerous,” says Lara Stemple, JD, co-director of the fellowship and deputy co-director of the UCGHI Women’s Health & Empowerment Center of Expertise. “Sonke asserts that masculinity norms are driving a lot of the problem. South Africa has lots of great laws on the books, but it’s a question of how to use those laws as tools for social change.”
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UCTV Features Global Health Programming on TV and Web
UCTV premiered two Frontiers in One Health programs in September: one program on “Bats, Frogs, and Fungi” and the other on “Disease Resurgence from Climactic and Ecological Change.” These seminars were hosted by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. UCTV, which reaches over 22 million households nationwide via cable and satellite television, also streams its programs on the web. These two seminars, in addition to other global health programming, can be found at: http://www.uctv.tv/globalhealth/

New Co-Director for Migration & Health Center of Expertise
The UCGHI Migration & Health Center of Expertise has selected Wayne Cornelius, UCGHI Education Co-Director, to replace Steffanie Strathdee as the Director for the Southern California campuses of the COEMH. Replacing Wayne as the Associate Director is Michael Rodriguez, Professor of Family Practice at UCLA.

News from the UCGHI Centers of Expertise

The UCGHI Centers of Expertise (COEs) are harnessing UC faculty expertise to address the increasingly complex global health problems and needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations. In the UCGHI’s first year, the COEs have established governance structures involving hundreds of faculty across the 10-campus UC system, designed signature research projects and implemented new global health courses.

Read more about the COEs’ activities:

  • - Migration & Health - “Health Frontiers in Tijuana” Featured on NPR; Mexican Migration Field Research and Training Program; XI Binational Health Week; Presentations & Conferences
  • - One Health - Frontiers in One Health Lectures Continue This Fall; One Health Faculty Take Partnership Trip to Asia and Africa
  • - Women’s Health & Empowerment - Inaugural Summer Institute A Success; New Lecture Series; UCLA to Host Discussion on South Africa’s Constitutional Court: Gender, Masculinity and LGBTI Equality; COE to Host Conference on Women’s Health Rights, New Science, and Institutional Violence

Upcoming Events

XI Binational Health Week
October 1-16, 2011

South Africa’s Constitutional Court: Gender, Masculinity and LGBTI Equality
October 6, 2011, UCLA

Conference on Women’s Health Rights, New Science, and Institutional Violence
November 7, 2011, UCSF

2011 Global Health Conference
November 13-15, 2011, Montreal, Canada

UC Global Health Day
Saturday, February 4, 2012, UC Berkeley

Global Health Activities at Every UC Campus
OCTOBER 2011 - UCGHI Newsletter

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