But first, water

February 23, 2018
Ashley Miller, alumnus of the Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley, is designing solutions that will increase access to water for a farming community in Kenya.

Planetary Health International Student Ambassador Program

February 22, 2018
Planetary Health COE is accepting applications for a unique opportunity for African students enrolled at a UC campus. 

Highlander Venture Fund chooses UCR professor’s ‘Next-Generation’ mosquito repellent for second Investment

February 8, 2018
Up to $500,000 will help a startup company market a killer repellent prevent transmission of Zika, dengue fever, malaria, West Nile virus, and other diseases.

Project aims to prevent pandemics using One Health approach

February 5, 2018

UC Davis-led PREDICT is a comprehensive effort to study and protect human and animal health.

Congo Basin Institute an emerging game-changer

February 5, 2018

The first foreign affiliate for UCLA addresses challenges of food and water security, climate, biodiversity loss, public health and emerging disease. 

Planetary Health COE launches educational resource

February 5, 2018
A new suite of interactive case studies provides real-world examples of global health issues. 

Strawberries embody California agriculture's conflicts

January 25, 2018
California strawberry growers face curbs on toxic chemicals that have helped their industry expand.

Researchers return to Guatemala for historic data collection

January 25, 2018
UCGHI Planetary Health Center of Expertise Co-Director David Lopez-Carr returns to Guatemala to investigate drivers of rural out-migration.

How birds' genes influence adaptation to climate change

January 11, 2018
UCSC biologists involved in the Bird Genoscape Project are racing against time to find out the potential for adaptation in vulnerable populations of birds.

Genetic changes help mosquitoes survive pesticide attacks

January 11, 2018
UCR study shows how intensive pesticide use is driving mosquito evolution at the genetic level.