Welcome to 2019: A message from UCGHI director Thomas J. Coates

January 8, 2019

Nicholas Kristof, writing in The New York Times, makes the audacious case that 2018 was the best year in human history.

This is a welcome relief from the daily drumbeat of doom and gloom that pervades the airwaves.  Kristof cites progress in people gaining access to electricity, clean drinking water and the internet. He documents gains in literacy, economic resources, life expectancy and child survival.

I am proud to say that the University of California – through the UC Global Health Institute and campus-based global health programs – made significant contributions to global health advances in 2018.

A few examples include:

I am proud of the University of California and its commitment to knowledge that will make the world and its inhabitants healthier and happier. At UCGHI, we will continue to harness the strength and diversity of UC to make this happen.


Thomas J. Coates, PhD
Director, UC Global Health Institute