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Migration and Health


The mission of the Center of Expertise on Migration and Health (COEMH) is to improve health and eliminate health disparities of international migrants, refugees, and internally displaced people around the world. Serving local, national and international communities, we will seek new knowledge to forge sustainable improvements in the health of migrant and refugee populations through basic and action-oriented research, policy analyses, applied learning opportunities, and innovative dissemination activities. The Center will implement graduate education, conduct research in immigrant and refugee communities, establish distance education opportunities, and develop transnational collaborations. These activities will provide a rich, real-world environment for training the next generation of leaders who will respond to emerging health issues related to migration. The COEMH will use its partnerships with global communities and organizations to translate research into effective, culturally appropriate practices and sound public policies.

Key Innovations

The COEMH will be transformational in the following ways:

  • It will be the only world-class, truly cross-disciplinary research and training center on population mobility and health.
  • It will bring together three groups that have seldom interacted in a sustained way: social scientists specializing in international migration, bio-medical/public health researchers and practitioners, and legal and human rights scholars.
  • It will pursue a multi-method, multi-level research approach. The COEMH will collect individual-level qualitative and quantitative data through community-based studies, integrating their findings with large-scale socio-demographic data sets. Special attention will be devoted to generating new, primary data sets and conducting longitudinal research to elucidate causal mechanisms.
  • Hands-on, action-oriented learning experiences related to migrant health issues will be provided to all students participating in COEMH programs. This will be accomplished through fieldwork placements in migrants’ communities of origin and destination as well as NGOs and public agencies that interact with immigrant and refugee populations.
  • In all of its research, training, and dissemination activities, the COEMH will pursue opportunities for transnational collaboration between UC and internationally-based researchers.
  • The COEMH will emphasize dissemination and translation of research findings into policy and programmatic interventions and general public education, using advanced media and distance-based information technologies.


Co-associate directors

David López-Carr

UC Santa Barbara

Xochitl Castañeda

UC Berkeley



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