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Research seeks relief for hot and thirsty farmlands

UCGHI Planetary Health Center of Expertise-funded projects produce results and hope for the Central Valley and beyond. 

A voice for global cancer patients

UCSF global health masters student, Alex Keir, shares her personal experience with cancer and her mission to expand the cancer dialogue.

Genome structure of malaria parasites linked to virulence

UC Riverside-led research could help develop novel therapeutic strategies to combat malaria.

UC Santa Cruz grad student working to advance Beyond Compliance initiative

Alison Hanson and the Beyond Compliance Initiative seek to eliminate sexual harassment and sexual violence from campus.

Fletcher Lab Cellscope is ready for scaling

UC Berkeley professor is working to accelerate neglected tropical diseases diagnosis and treatment with a device so ubiquitous it’s probably in your hand: a smartphone. 

Increasing murder rate is erasing gains in life expectancy among Mexican men, UCLA research reports

UCLA community health professor, Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez, explores this study's disturbing findings. 

Shocks to the system

Global food production is suffering from an increasing number of “food shocks,” or sudden losses in food production, according to UC Santa Barbara study. 

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