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Making mental health a global priority

It was 1993 in Harare, Zimbabwe, when the young and eager Vikram Patel, who had just finished training as a psychiatrist at the prestigious Maudsley Hospital in the UK, was stunned when he saw his first patients. Patel, the UC Global Health Day keynote speaker, talks about the importance of good mental health to the well-being of individuals and communities.

UCSB fellow to study violence against women at the Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University of Toronto

Lalaie Ameeriar has been named a member of the Luce/ACLS Fellows in Religion, Journalism & International Affairs for 2018.

UC San Diego’s sexual assault awareness month events mark pioneering prevention and support efforts

Campus’s sexual Assault Resource Center celebrates 30 years of innovative work throughout April.

UC Merced's first student Fulbright Scholar heads to El Salvador for research

Graduate student Danielle Bermudez will spend the next 10 months conducting research and serving as a cultural ambassador for the campus as a Fulbright US Student Researcher.

UCSF convenes groundbreaking commission to define path towards Malaria eradication

The Global Health Group at the UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences and The Lancet collaborate to develop the first-ever roadmap to eradicate malaria.

Research links anti-immigrant prejudice to mortality risk

Brittany Morey, UC Chancellor’s postdoctoral fellow at UC Riverside, finds that US-born individuals of immigrant descent fare much worse than their foreign-born counterparts.

UCSC Community Studies class showcases public health leaders in 'Year of Alumni'

Eight alumni will lecture on their topic of expertise; including community health care, the opioid crisis, mental health in disaster areas, the gender revolution, and leadership development for global health.

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