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One Health: Water, Animals, Food and Society

The mission of the One Health Center of Expertise is to assess and respond to global health problems arising at the human-water-animal-food interface and to design, implement, and evaluate practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that focus on the foundations of health in collaboration with local partners.

Research at the One Health Center will focus on reducing the rate of disease and death resulting from malnutrition, unsafe water, and animal- and vector-borne diseases with the aim of designing, implementing and evaluating health interventions at the national, regional, community and household levels.

A lot of global health problems are very relevant to California — food, proximity to animals, water contamination, water scarcity, and how the combination of these factors leads to illnesses. It’s a very California problem, particularly with agriculture being such an important part of the state’s economy.
Anil Deolalikar, PhD, Co-director, One Health COE


Mary Gauvain, PHD

UC Riverside