Advocacy Initiative — Internship Opportunity

  • Are you passionate about global health?
  • Are you concerned about the proposed defunding of current and future US global health programs, and want to know how you can make your voice heard on this issue?
  • Are you a current undergraduate, graduate, or professional student wanting to learn more about global health and advocacy, or wanting to leverage the experience you already have in these fields?
  • If yes, then apply to be an Advocate with the UC Global Health Institute!

Currently, there is a very real chance that global health funding will be significantly decreased in the coming months. Congress has begun meeting to discuss the global health budget and thus the time for action is now. While our program is already underway, we are still recruiting advocates from UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC Merced, UC Riverside, and UC Hastings. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis until this cohort is full. We are looking to fill four spots on each campus.

Internship Dates

  • From admission date through November 17, 2017 with possibility of extension

Internship Details

  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until spots are filled.
  • Open to all UC undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with an interest in advocacy and global health. All majors and disciplines will be equally considered.
  • The internship is unpaid. Course credit is available at UCLA, and may be available at other campuses. We will work with you and your department if this is of interest to you.
  • Travel for advocacy in Sacramento/DC: We are currently finalizing our budget, but we hope to have partial funding for our advocates to participate in hands-on lobbying in Sacramento or D.C.
  • Opportunities for students from other campuses (including CSUs, Stanford, USC, and junior colleges) to participate in the internship will likely open next year as the program expands.
  • Meetings and training sessions will be held via conference call. No need to commute.

Internship Duties

  • Attend conference call meetings. At these meetings, program updates will be given and advocates may choose tasks. Tasks will not take more than 2-8 hours per week, and we can be flexible with regards to finals and other potential scheduling conflicts.
  • Develop social media content for the program to be used on UCGHI's social media platform.
  • Attend regular advocacy webinar trainings with the Kyle House Group and other faculty.
  • Actively engage with program leaders to give continual feedback on program development. We want to hear your ideas!
  • Submit proposals for individual or group projects that fit within our mission, and with approval and guidance, carry out your creative project on your campus.
  • Coordinate your campus' engagement in the program. This includes organizing events on your campus and in your communities. You may also collaborate with other campuses on events.
    • Reach out to both students and faculty about upcoming advocacy trainings and events.
    • Disseminate information and/or provide training to your campus.
    • Liaise with relevant student groups, departments, or institutes on your campus.
    • Participate in, and help to run, an advocacy workshop at the end of April at the campus nearest yours, and any future advocacy workshops in your region.

What You Will Get from the Internship

  • Advocacy skills with training from experienced policy and global health advocates.
  • Exposure to the inner workings of government, and education on how our government's funding process works
  • The chance to make a difference in the funding of global health projects.
  • A platform to reach out to your local Congressmen, with the possibility of lobbying in Sacramento or Washington D.C.
  • The opportunity to work with an exceptional team of likeminded professionals and students, along with networking opportunities within the UC Global Health Institute and other campus-based global health and advocacy groups.
  • Mentorship from global health and other faculty on your campus.


If you have questions or would like to apply, please send your resume and brief letter of interest to Betty Nguyen at