UCGHI and UCSF IGHS Founder Dr. Haile Debas reflects on George Floyd's Death

Dr. Haile Debas reflects on the death of George Floyd

Via UCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences Instagram post on June 1, 2020

"The last week was most painful as we witnessed the convulsions we saw throughout our country,” our founder Haile Debas told us today. “The video of George Floyd’s death as a policeman extinguished his life by pressing his knee against his neck is the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It is the culmination of centuries of racial discrimination in this country that was built on the back of African slaves.

Will we learn from this, or will the incident pass as another episode of police brutality which we will soon forget? The level of anger by the youth of America, of all races, is unprecedented, and encourages me that the war on systemic racism and injustice will henceforth be fought by young individuals who have had enough. The daily demonstrations will continue until all the policemen that were complicit in George Floyd’s murder are apprehended and charged for their action or inaction.

I fear for this country as I see how the widespread anger and hopelessness could easily lead to more serious confrontation. Not only must the unrest end, but the systemic problems within police departments must also end. Not only must the systemic disparities in justice and poverty end, but America must reach deep within itself to get rid of its biases and prejudices. We need leadership at the top who unite and not divide us. Our vote in the presidential election is more important than ever."

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