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Apply now for the UCGHI GloCal Health Fellowship

Aspiring global health researchers are encouraged to apply by November 2, 2020.

Thirteen new GloCal Fellows begin their journey

Welcome to the GloCal Health Fellowship 2020-2021 cohort! 

Research During a Pandemic: COVID-19 Forces GloCal Fellows to Rearrange Their Lives and Projects

GloCal fellows work in and come from countries around the world. As COVID-19 rages, fellows are living through the choices the countries where their research projects are located have made to control the pandemic.

Tanzanian GloCal alumna continues to tackle Sickle Cell Disease

A recent recipient of an Emerging Global Leader Award (K43) from the National Institutes for Health Fogarty International Center, Dr. Siana Nyka Mtatiro is continuing her vision of building capacity for genetic studies in Tanzania.

NIA Supplement Fellows

Peruvian GloCal Fellows Dr. Miguel Sánchez and Dr. Willyams Reynoso have been awarded funds through a supplement from the National Institute on Aging - NIH to carry out ground-breaking research on the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease in their country

NIH’s Global Health Fellowships support junior researchers in low- and middle-income nations

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health highlights current GloCal fellow Racheal Mandishora.​

Unplanned Spaces: How movement patterns in rural Malawi impact HIV treatment and prevention

Current GloCal Health Fellow, Vania Wang, is using a geographical lens to examine movement patterns to help identify social determinants for HIV treatment and prevention in rural Malawi.​

A GloCal Fellow’s Passion: Freshwater for Fisheries and Human Health

GloCal fellow Amber Roegner discusses freshwater for fisheries at Lake Victoria in Kisumu, Kenya.

Apply now for GloCal Health Fellowship

Aspiring global health researchers are encouraged to apply by November 8, 2019.

Bringing emergency care to Tanzania

GloCal fellow Hendry Sawe works on the frontline of emergency care and research in Tanzania.  

Twenty new GloCal fellows embark on a year of research

Welcome to the GloCal Health Fellowship 2019-2020 cohort! 

GloCal fellow wins Emerging Global Leader Award

Larissa Otero reflects on her GloCal fellowship and discusses her current work in pediatric TB. 

GloCal fellow Natalie Ferraiolo finds her calling at the US/Mexico border

From tattoo removal to mental health and family medicine, this former fellow is helping border communities in need. 

David Heller tackles chronic disease worldwide

GloCal fellow David Heller is keeping primary prevention of chronic, non-communicable diseases on the global health agenda.

Fogarty Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars seeks event coordinator

Interested candidates must apply by November 20, 2018. 

GloCal Health Fellowship promotes global health research, builds research capacity

First Fogarty dermatology fellow studies Kaposi’s sarcoma in Uganda

Dr. Aileen Chang broke the mold when she chose to investigate Kaposi’s sarcoma in Uganda as a GloCal Health fellow.

Eleven trainees begin GloCal Health Fellowship

The 2018-2019 cohort of GloCal fellows begin their year-long fellowship in July.

From surgery to policy, Juliet Okoroh seeks health justice worldwide

Okoroh, a 2017-2018 GloCal fellow, is the first researcher to examine the impact of Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme on the cost of surgical care.

Back at UC, but still having global impact

Former GloCal fellow and current UC Riverside professor, Jennifer Syvertsen, reflects on her mentors, work in Kenya and plans for the future. 

Theater experience shapes this GloCal fellow’s medical career

Learn about Huan Vinh Dong's multidisciplinary approach to global health research and medicine. 

GloCal fellow Lauren Haack: from small town USA to advocate for Latino kids

Learn about this GloCal fellow's journey bringing culturally appropriate ADHD interventions to Mexico and beyond. 

In her own words: GloCal fellow tells her story from Tanzania

GloCal fellow Catherine Reuben Shari, MD, MMED shares her experience of getting accepted into the program. 

GloCal fellows: Getting into the trenches for global health research

Aspiring global health researchers are encouraged to apply by November 1, 2017.

Apply now for GloCal Health Fellowship

Aspiring global health researchers are encouraged to apply by November 1, 2017.

Mentoring to advance global health

Global health leaders promote mentorship programs around the world. 

Fogarty International Center renews funding for GloCal Health Fellowships

A new cohort of GloCal Health Fellows begins projects abroad--thanks to renewed funding from the Fogarty International Center.

GloCal fellow John Rose keeps surgery on global health agenda

As a GloCal fellow, John Rose was able to contribute to groundbreaking research and participate in initiatives that advanced his career in remarkable ways.

Mentoring the mentors in global health research: Johannesburg, South Africa 2016

This workshop aimed to create a community of senior mentors in global health.

GloCal Fellow David Heller's opinion piece featured in The Washington Post

Heller makes a case for addressing non-communicable diseases in developing countries.

GloCal fellows participate in Lancet Commission on global surgery

Dr. Matchecane Cossa and Dr. John Rose share their expertise in global surgery with colleagues around the world.  

Dr. Jennifer Syvertsen profiled in Global Health Matters

Former GloCal Health-fellow Syvertsen pioneers work in Kenya by measuring patterns of local drug injection and HIV risk.