Half a million tests and many mosquitoes later, new buzz about a malaria prevention drug

December 6, 2018
UC San Diego researchers test chemical compounds for their ability to inhibit the malaria parasite at an earlier lifecycle stage. 

UCSF researchers awarded multi-year CDC agreement to aid six countries in monitoring recent HIV infections

December 6, 2018
Institute for Global Health Sciences Global Strategic Information were $3.65 million for the first year, and up to $10 million per year over the five-year project period.

UC Riverside School of Medicine and Eisenhower Health establish training affiliation

December 6, 2018
Partnership addresses long-term healthcare needs of Coachella Valley.

An opioid epidemic may be looming in Mexico — and the US may be partly responsible

December 6, 2018
UCLA research shows that opioid use in Mexico has been low, but national and international factors are converging and a threat of increased drug and addiction rates exists.

ZestBio continues innovation with waste-based products

December 6, 2018
UC Berkeley alum, Ryan Protzko, is using yeast to make a bio-based plastic produced from agricultural waste. 

Shrinking groundwater

November 30, 2018
There is less fresh groundwater worldwide than previously thought, according to research by UC Santa Barbara scientists.

A reason for optimism: Treating chronic pediatric disease in Haiti

November 30, 2018
UCSF School of Nursing is collaborating with the Haiti-based Kay Mackenson Clinic in an effort to better manage chronic diseases in a low-resource setting. 

Generous funding to malaria-parasite researcher promises new therapeutic strategies

November 30, 2018
UC Riverside’s Karine Le Roch is principal investigator on two NIH grants.

UC San Diego-led study predicts novel approach to battling influenza

November 30, 2018
The San Diego 'comet’ supercomputer is used to create detailed flu virus simulations.

Researcher takes first step toward improved diagnosis for Valley fever

November 30, 2018
Clinicians searching for a new way to identify Valley fever patients who develop the disease’s worst symptoms will find hope in a new paper by UC Merced Professor Katrina Hoyer.

Infant HIV infection increases the risk for congenital CMV infection

November 30, 2018
UCLA's  Dr. Kristina Adachi's research suggests that infants born to HIV-positive mothers have high rates of congenital cytomegalovirus.

UC Irvine and Singapore researchers find source of 2015 Southeast Asia smoke cloud

November 30, 2018
Burning of peatlands in Borneo and Sumatra created severe air pollution in region.

InFEWS fellows take on sustainable development goals

November 30, 2018
This UC Berkeley Blum Center fellowship supports students whose PhD research aims to provide lasting environmental solutions and alleviate poverty in the world’s poorest regions.

Refugees reclaim human rights with technology

November 30, 2018
From UC Davis, the Article 26 Backpack is a new humanitarian tool that displaced people are using to securely store and share documents, such as transcripts and resumes, with universities, scholarship agencies and employers.

Research internship opportunity: Campus violence prevention

November 29, 2018
Seeking students from UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara for a six-month research internship. 

Shrinking Groundwater

November 19, 2018
According to researchers at UC Santa Barbara, the world may have less fresh water than previously thought.

Many gains in fight against HIV, but epidemic is far from over

November 14, 2018
University of California researchers continue to develop creative solutions to the enduring issue of HIV/AIDS. 

Fogarty Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars seeks event coordinator

November 13, 2018
Interested candidates must apply by November 20, 2018. 

Call for nominations for UCGHI Board of Directors Vice Chair

November 13, 2018
This is an excellent opportunity for a UC faculty member to join a network of inspired and committed individuals advancing global health across the UC system. 

HIV vaccine enters human efficacy trials

November 9, 2018
The HIV mosaic vaccine was originally designed at Los Alamos National Laboratory using a machine learning algorithm designed by Bette Korber and her team.

UCSC alumna’s film about Syrian women refugees to have world premiere at film festival

November 9, 2018
We Are Not Princesses, the first feature film by UC Santa Cruz alumna Bridgette Auger (’11).

Food for thought: The Tsimane Health and Life History Project at UC Santa Barbara

November 9, 2018
Two indigenous populations offer a glimpse into how diet — and western eating habits — impact health and wellbeing

Machine learning identifies antibiotic resistance genes in tuberculosis-causing bacteria

November 9, 2018
UC San Diego researchers have trained a machine learning algorithm to identify and predict which genes make infectious bacteria resistant to antibiotics. 

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to fund yearlong series exploring human suffering

November 9, 2018
The yearlong series at UC Irvine will offer lectures, symposia and presentations from invited speakers. 

UC grad students picked to help Global Food Initiative

November 9, 2018
The student, from UC Berkeley and UC Davis, will work on research for improved food security and agricultural sustainability.

UCLA team helps create facility for Ugandan women who suffered childbirth injuries

November 9, 2018
50-bed center will treat fistulas caused during obstructed labor.

Bay Area organizations introduce Bay Area Global Health Alliance

November 9, 2018
UC Berkeley, UC Davis, Stanford and UCSF are among founding partners of the Alliance.

Health communication researcher working to improve internet-based medical information

October 26, 2018
UC Merced public health communication Professor Susana Ramirez’s new partnership with an eHealth startup aims to help people get quality information and find out what they do with it once they have it.

Researchers identify new approach for controlling dengue fever and Zika virus

October 26, 2018
UC Riverside study uses gene-editing tool to disrupt serotonin receptor linked to egg production in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

A simpler way to get to the bottom of mysterious illnesses in poor countries

October 26, 2018
Backed by major funders, a group of scientists, including UCSF researchers, has created a platform to help the world’s disease detectives. Will it work?