Advancing Global and Community Health at UC Santa Cruz

April 1, 2020

As countries across the globe fight the coronavirus pandemic, UC Santa Cruz is creating a new program that will prepare students and provide research to solve current and future global health problems.

A coordinated response

March 30, 2020
UC Santa Barbara researchers who have studied xenophobic reactions to disease outbreaks consider society’s response to COVID-19.

UC San Diego engineers and doctors team up to retrofit and build ventilators with 3D-printing

March 30, 2020
UC San Diego students, staff and faculty address one of the key challenges of COVID-19 outbreak.

UC Riverside researchers’ mouse studies also show how a common nutrient can help babies of alcoholic moms

March 30, 2020
UC Riverside researchers’ mouse studies also show how a common nutrient can help babies of alcoholic moms

UC Berkeley scientists spin up a robotic COVID-19 testing lab

March 30, 2020
As doctors around the country scramble to diagnose cases of COVID-19, scientists at the UC Berkeley’s Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) are creating from scratch a diagnostic lab with the capability to process more than 1,000 patient samples per day.

Coronavirus is sickening young adults and spreading through them, experts say

March 25, 2020
As COVID-19 cases continue to climb globally, a common misconception spreading with the illness is that it mainly affects the elderly while sparing younger people.

Leveraging human rights to change the criminal justice system

March 11, 2020
UCLA Law alumna is working to change U.S. laws that cause unjust harm to incarcerated people of color — especially women.

Celebrating women across the UC

March 8, 2020
In honor of International Women's Day (March 8) and Women's History Month, we celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions—both big and small—of women across the University of California who have helped propel us forward to a more equitable world.

Tanzanian GloCal alumna continues to tackle Sickle Cell Disease

March 6, 2020
A recent recipient of an Emerging Global Leader Award (K43) from the National Institutes for Health Fogarty International Center, Dr. Siana Nyka Mtatiro is continuing her vision of building capacity for genetic studies in Tanzania.

Do no harm: IGHS works to deliver patient-centered care to women worldwide

March 4, 2020
UCSF IGHS has played a major role in advancing the agenda for patient-centered care during pregnancy and childbirth.

Women firefighters face high exposure to toxic ‘forever chemicals’

February 26, 2020
New study shows San Francisco’s women firefighters are exposed to higher levels of certain toxic PFAS chemicals than women working in downtown San Francisco offices.

A special project of the UCGHI Women’s Health, Gender and Empowerment Center of Expertise

February 5, 2020

Strengthening the prevention and response to campus-based sexual and intimate partner violence in four African university campuses. Now accepting new proposals to fund campuses committed to ending gender-based violence in LMICs.

California's Refugee Reproductive Health Network (ReproNet): Engaging Refugee Women in Research Partnerships

February 5, 2020
The Refugee Reproductive Health Network (ReproNet) conducted its first meetings with the Refugee Patient Task Force on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening in January 2020. Meetings were coordinated with the Afghan Sacramento Community, Aisha Masjid Mosque and the United West East African Support Team Center and the Syrian community center in San Diego

Can solar geoengineering mitigate both climate change and income inequality?

January 22, 2020
New research from the UC San Diego finds that solar geoengineering—the intentional reflection of sunlight away from the Earth’s surface—may reduce income inequality between countries.

UCLA launches institute to explore legal, policy impact of emerging tech

January 22, 2020
Recently launched UCLA Institute for Technology, Law and Policy will examine advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, robotics and new forms of digital media to identify the benefits and risks they represent.

Request for Proposals

January 15, 2020
The UCGHI Women’s Health, Gender, and Empowerment Center of Expertise is seeking pro​posals from global university partners to conduct research to strengthen their campus’ prevention and response to sexual assault, harassment, stalking, dating violence and other forms of gender-based violence. Applications are due Tuesday 31 March 2020 (5:00PM Pacific Standard Time).

NIA Supplement Fellows

January 13, 2020
Peruvian GloCal Fellows Dr. Miguel Sánchez and Dr. Willyams Reynoso have been awarded funds through a supplement from the National Institute on Aging - NIH to carry out ground-breaking research on the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease in their country

UCGHI Researchers Lead One Health Workforce Training with $85 Million from USAID

January 7, 2020

UCGHI researchers will play a lead role in educating the next generation of the global health workforce in one health approaches through winning up to $85 million over five years from USAID.

Shutdown of coal-fired plants in U.S. saves lives and improves crop yields

January 6, 2020
According to a new UC San Diego study, between 2005 and 2016, the shift away from coal saved an estimated 26,610 lives and 570 million bushels of crops.

Polluted wastewater in the forecast? Try a solar umbrella

January 6, 2020
Berkeley Lab scientists demonstrate a “photo-thermal” umbrella that can double evaporation rates, thus reducing environmental impact of settling ponds.

No difference in results when surgeries are performed by U.S.- or foreign-trained surgeons

January 6, 2020
UCLA-led research team analyzed the outcomes of nearly 634,000 common surgical procedures and found no difference in results when surgeries are performed by U.S. or foreign-trained surgeons.

California’s sea otter population could triple by recolonizing San Francisco Bay

January 6, 2020
UC Santa Cruz study highlights importance of estuaries as prime habitat for the endangered southern sea otter.

Advances open door to more aggressive policies to meet climate goals

January 6, 2020
UC Berkeley professor and an international research team are calling on policymakers to focus not just on the threats of climate change, but on the increasing number of opportunities to drastically reduce greenhouse gases.

Integrated aquatic pest management shows promise

January 6, 2020
UC Santa Barbara researcher examines whether native sunfish can be used in place of toxic chemicals to reduce invasive mussel larvae and other pests in Southern California lakes and reservoirs.

Coastal fog linked to high levels of mercury found in mountain lions, study finds

December 11, 2019
UC Santa Cruz researchers have discovered elevated levels of mercury in mountain lions, the latest indication that the neurotoxin is being carried in fog, deposited on the land, and making its way up the food chain.

Smarter strategies

December 11, 2019
UC Santa Barbara study highlights an integrated approach for managing aquatic invasive species in California.

Atmospheric river storms create $1 billion-a-year flood damage

December 11, 2019
UC San Diego researchers calculate damages caused by weather phenomenon in the West over 40-year period.

Many pregnancies are shorter as climate change causes more 90-degree days

December 11, 2019
UCLA study suggests that climate change is causing many women to have shorter pregnancies than they would normally, which could pose risks for infant health and child development.

Can salmon eat their way out of climate change?

December 11, 2019
UC Davis study suggests abundant food helps offset higher temperatures for fish. But there’s a catch.

NIH’s Global Health Fellowships support junior researchers in low- and middle-income nations

December 5, 2019
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women’s Health highlights current GloCal fellow Racheal Mandishora.