Doubling down

August 15, 2019
UC Santa Barbara study shows human impacts on oceans nearly doubled in recent decade, could double again without adequate action.

The animals that will survive climate change

August 15, 2019
UC Merced Professor Asmeret Asefaw Berhe discusses animals and microbes, like cockroaches and archaea, that have proven their survival skills throughout time.

Fertilizer feast and famine

August 15, 2019
Solving the global nitrogen problem; a team of scientists, led by UC Davis, has published a study that identifies five strategies to tackle the problem.

Study shows urgent need for long-term follow up of Zika-exposed infants

August 15, 2019
The study was carried out by researchers at the UCLA School of Medicine on more than 200 infants in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

UC San Diego heart transplant program boasts nation’s best survival rates

August 14, 2019
Cardiovascular Institute at UC San Diego Health among top performing in US. 

UCGHI welcomes new deputy director

August 7, 2019
Get to know our new deputy director, Sun Cotter!

New book tells personal story of resistance, terror, and US policy in Honduras

July 31, 2019
The Long Honduran Night is the latest book by UC Santa Cruz emerita professor of history, Dana Frank. 

The Berkeley Lab provides new recipes for taking salt out of seawater

July 31, 2019
As populations boom and chronic droughts persist, coastal cities have increasingly turned to ocean desalination to supplement a dwindling fresh water supply.

Women may be more vulnerable to climate change but data absent

July 31, 2019
UC San Diego Center on Gender Equity and Health researchers discuss gendered gaps in climate change research. 

SPARQ creates measures, interventions to improve person-centered reproductive health care

July 31, 2019
UCSF project shows how making care person-centered could provide a path to improve women’s and children’s health.

Latina mothers experienced jump in preterm births after 2016 election

July 31, 2019
A new UC Berkeley study suggests the 2016 presidential election may have adversely affected the health of Latinx mothers and their babies.

UC Merced public health PhD student earns fellowship to study health equity

July 31, 2019
Tashelle Wright will examine tobacco use and oral health diseases among Black, Latinx, aging and rural populations in the San Joaquin Valley.

Detained migrant children need continuous medical care

July 31, 2019
“The rights of the child and their health and health care really need to be thought about as separate from the legal process that’s unfolding,” says Elizabeth Barnert, a pediatrician at UCLA. 

UC Davis and USAID launch new research program to study rural poverty worldwide

July 31, 2019
Researchers will study the root causes of poverty and food insecurity with an emphasis on risk from disasters like drought, flood or conflict. 

UC Speaks Up for research and prevention of campus-based sexual violence

July 18, 2019
Learn how a multi-campus effort is creating a concrete picture of how students, faculty and staff perceive interpersonal violence and the resources available in their communities.

Bringing emergency care to Tanzania

July 15, 2019

GloCal fellow Hendry Sawe works on the frontline of emergency care and research in Tanzania.  

UC Santa Cruz establishes interdisciplinary Southeast Asia research center

July 15, 2019
Driven by sweeping social and environmental change, the crises emerging in Southeast Asia reflect problems that are unfolding around the world.

Alumna’s film about Syrian refugees wins Audience Award for Best Feature at SF DocFest

July 15, 2019
We Are Not Princesses, the first feature film by UC Santa Cruz alumna Bridgette Auger (SocDoc ’11) was honored at the 2019 San Francisco Documentary Film Festival.

Medical students learn about practicing medicine with limited resources in Peru

July 15, 2019
All return to graduation with ‘a priceless dose of perspective.'

Twenty new GloCal fellows embark on a year of research

July 12, 2019
Welcome to the GloCal Health Fellowship 2019-2020 cohort! 

A third of children up to age 3 exposed to Zika in-utero have neurological problems

July 8, 2019
New UCLA-led research suggests that 32% of children up to the age of 3 years who were exposed to the Zika virus during the mother’s pregnancy had below-average neurological development.

Climate change could fuel next wave of immigrants from Latin America

July 8, 2019
Global climate change is likely to exacerbate the ongoing immigration crisis in the United States, according to a UC Berkeley PhD student funded by the Center for Latin American Studies.

Bay Area Global Health Alliance convenes inaugural board of directors

July 3, 2019
The meeting sets another milestone in bringing together a network of organizations across a wide spectrum of sectors to strengthen the Bay Area’s global health impact worldwide.

Meet Rachel L. Kaplan, trailblazing UCSF researcher fighting transphobia

July 1, 2019
Kaplan is undertaking the first ever study on HIV treatment and prevention among transgender women in Lebanon.

‘Committed’ CO2 emissions jeopardize international climate goals, UC Irvine-led study finds

July 1, 2019
Existing and planned fossil fuel-burning infrastructure must be retired early or replaced.

Controlling deadly malaria without chemicals

June 28, 2019

UC Riverside identifies a new tool to kill mosquitoes.

America has a health equity problem

June 28, 2019
A new UCLA study shows 'a worrisome lack of progress on health equity' in the country over 25 years.

UC Berkeley to adopt 100 villages in Meghalaya

June 28, 2019
The university plans to start a concept of smart villages and address the issue of urban migration due to environmental issues.

Cows and climate change

June 27, 2019
UC Davis researchers argue that, managed correctly, cows help restore healthy soils, conserve sensitive species and enhance overall ecological function.

Deportation worries fuel anxiety, poor sleep, among US-born Latinx youth

June 24, 2019
UC Berkeley researchers suggest that the rise of anti-immigration rhetoric and policies in the US following the 2016 presidential election may be taking its toll on the health of California’s Latinx youth.