From wildlife to humans with the PREDICT project

October 25, 2017
UC Davis One Health Institute Director Tracey Goldstein discusses the PREDICT Project and its findings thus far.

Research honored at scholars symposium

October 11, 2017
UCGHI co-director, Patricia Conrad, DMV, PhD honored at the 18th annual National Veterinary Scholars Research Symposium.

Video: Rx One Health summer course

October 4, 2017
Sophie Charlton, a second year vet student at UC Davis, shares her experience working with the people and animals of Tanzania and Rwanda.

Scientists estimate death rates from air pollution caused by the impact of climate change

October 4, 2017
Lawrence Livermoore National Labratory scientists are working to understand the impact of climate change on human life. 

Scientists identify new hosts for Chagas Disease vectors

September 27, 2017
UC Riverside data will help impede the spread of Chagas Disease, which affects 8 million people worldwide.

Tick, tick, tick

September 14, 2017
UCSB study highlights how the synergy of wildlife loss and climate change can increase tick abundance and the risk of tick-borne disease.

Combining vegetables and livestock in Cambodian farming

September 14, 2017

UC Davis' Horticulture Innovation Lab helps farmers better grow nutritious fruits and vegetables.

In a warming climate, ocean- and land-based floods are a disastrous duo, UCI researchers find

August 30, 2017
The rise of two types of floods threaten populations in coastal areas.

Manganese in underground drinking water is cause for concern

August 30, 2017
UC Riverside study on US Glacial Aquifer and 3 Asian countries suggests officials should monitor manganese as a possible public health threat.

Hurricane Harvey’s public health impact extends beyond flooding

August 30, 2017
HUFFPOST examines some of the broader public health impacts of Hurricane Harvey and speaks with UCLA professor of environmental health sciences, Dick Jackson.