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Planetary Health

A healthy planet supporting healthy lives

Planetary health is an emerging field that recognizes a balance is needed among the global systems of land, air, water, and life. It is raising awareness about our looming crisis of rapidly growing populations juxtaposed against limited food and natural resources. Climate change adds more unpredictability and extreme events into the mix. Now is the time to identify solutions that will help populations, both human and animal, to foster resilience in the face of changing environments.

The Planetary Health Center of Expertise envisions a healthy planet supporting health people.

Towards this vision, the mission of the Center is to lead the world in science, education, outreach, and transformative solutions to the failing health of the planet and its people, animals and plants. We believe achievable responses to the large-scale health and environment transitions will be intrinsically integrative, multidisciplinary, multi-campus, involving stakeholders globally and locally.

The Center galvanizes faculty, researchers, and students across the ten UC campuses, two national labs, the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Natural Reserve System who share a common vision of the threats and opportunities surrounding the health of populations and their environments.


David Lopez-Carr, PhD

UC Santa Barbara

Deputy Directors

Federico Castillo, PhD

Associate Director
UC Berkeley

Nancy Suski, PhD

Associate Director
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Samantha Ying, PhD

Associate Director
UC Riverside