Planetary Health Center of Expertise Student Ambassadors

The PHCOE is actively engaging with students to provide education about 21st century planetary health issues

The 2021 cohort of Planetary Health Student Ambassadors have education, experience, and interests as diverse as the campuses they represent. From UC Davis to UC San Diego, along with HBCU Charles Drew University, our 29 ambassadors have engaged with each other, with UCGHI mentors, and with guest speakers to learn, share, and promote planetary health related topics, especially those relevant to 21st century living. 

February 2021 Webinar

The first webinar hosted by Dr. Federico Castillo of UC Berkeley, centered around the plight of California farm workers prior to and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, social inequities exacerbated by climate change impacts, and the importance of engaging with local community-based organizations.

March 2021 Webinar

The second webinar speaker took us on a journey to the Salish Sea where student ambassadors learned from Dr. Joe Gaydos of the SeaDoc Society about the importance of environmental protection and preservation for both wildlife and humans, recognizing the interconnectedness of the ecosystem and how anthropogenic impacts are plaguing species such orcas, salmon, invertebrates, grebes, and so much more.

Please tune in below to see how the UCGHI Planetary Health Center of Expertise is engaging with and furthering the education of UC and CDU students.

>>WATCH Dr. Joe Gaydos of the SeaDoc Society - March webinar