Sonagachi Research & Training Institute

Durbar and its Sonagachi Research & Training Institute (SRTI) host interns every year from throughout the world and India. Durbar is an organization focused on providing healthcare for sexually transmitted infections and HIV, rights advocacy, legal protections, anti-trafficking, education, micro-banking and other services with sex workers, their children and families and domestic workers and tribal communities, throughout West Bengal, India, with headquarters in Kolkata (Calcutta).  Each internship experience is personalized and negotiated based on the intern's interests, needs and skills, and Durbar's priorities during the internship period. Typically, interns pursue research and/or service experience(s) focused on their interests while also supporting Durbar's monitoring and evaluation team's priorities or other programmatic activities that the intern's experience can support. Durbar also has an active dance-drama performance troupe comprised of sex workers' children that collaborates with performing artists, and a "slum soccer league" for sex workers' children that engages soccer players for training activities. 

Tasks intern will work on: Any tasks related to the programs and services outlined above are relevant. Typically, interns contribute to monitoring and evaluation activities, proposal and report editing and writing, data cleaning and analyses, and shadowing and "exposure visits" with Durbar's many programs and services.  

Category: Non-profit organization

Organization needs: Any related to the activities outlined above.

Skills required: Highly-motivated, self-starter, committed to being present at the organization regardless of scheduled meetings or activities.

Housing: Private apartments are available for rent through the NGO's and liaisons' networks, but these are often full from end of May to mid-July. Interns also stay at many "travelers hostels" in the New Market area of Kolkata where many NGO volunteers stay. Kolkata has a long history of NGO volunteerism, for example, at Mother Teresa's mission and others. AirBnB is also increasingly available. 

Durbar and its Sonagachi Research & Training Institute (SRTI)

Location: Kolkata & West Bengal, India

Language competency: English - Bengali or Hindi are helpful but not required

Internship timeframe: Any timeframe, per intern's needs and availability

Hours per week: Any, per intern's needs and availability. Typically office schedule is 10am on Monday through Saturday. 

Financial support: unpaid/volunteer

Application deadline: April 6, 2020

Organization contact:
Smarajit Jana, Director, Sonagachi Research & Training Institute 

UC faculty liaison:
Dallas Swendeman