Junior Faculty Opportunities

UC faculty at the beginning of their careers have several opportunities to expand their global health knowledge, experience and networks through short courses, faculty interest groups, fellowships and research training grants.

UC Davis

One Health Institute
Short-term field courses available to early career professionals through the School of Veterinary Medicine


Center for World Health Education Programs
Global Health Speakers Series, Global Health Selective Lectures, and Global Health Evening Roundtables

UC San Diego Extension

Global Health Policy Certificate
For medical and public health professionals to help meet the demands of globalization in health; open to non-UC students

Clinical Trials Administration in Latin America Advanced Certificate
For clinicians to learn the foundations and principles of clinical trials development in Latin America; taught entirely in Spanish; open to non-UC students

UC San Francisco

Global Health Bootcamp
Short-term course for early career nurses, pharmacists, physicians or any health care professional committed to long-term work in global health delivery

Global Health Core
Group of hospital medicine faculty who conduct research, service and training in the field of global health

Global Health Sciences Faculty Affiliate Program
Resources and events to support global health efforts of faculty and foster collaboration across campus

Global Junior Faculty Interest Group
Support for faculty developing career pathways that include global research

Institute for Global Orthopaedics & Traumatology (IGOT) Surgical Education Initiative
Training and educational resources for orthopaedic surgeons from low-and-middle income countries

Global Strategic Information (GSI) Short Courses and Workshops
Targeted intensive short courses and workshops based on individual country and institutional needs

UCSF Fresno

UCSF Fresno Global Health Curriculum
Global health meetings, lectures, and events for health care professionals of all disciplines