Whether you're a freshman or a postdoc, UC has global health education and training opportunities to give you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to improve health both locally and globally. From degree programs at every level to individual courses and interest groups, the UC campuses have a wide variety of global health offerings. Be sure to check out UCGHI's signature online courses for all UC undergraduates.

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Global Mental Health


Global Mental Health (GMH) is a field of research, practice, and advocacy prioritizing mental health for all persons and communities worldwide. GMH recognizes mental, neurological, or substance use disorders as the leading causes of disability worldwide and works to counteract social stigma and discrimination commonly associated with such conditions. The course introduces this interdisciplinary field based on analysis of and writing about critical sources from the relevant scholarly literature.


Principles of Public   Health


Introduces the major concepts and principles of public health and the determinants of health status in communities. Emphasizes the ecological model that focuses on the linkages and relationships among multiple natural and social determinants affecting health.


Case Studies in Public Health Practice


Presents case studies in various themes of public health practice to demonstrate how the principles of public health were established and continue to evolve. Some Examples on the Cases and Topics to be covered in the class: #1: Global Health Systems and Analysis of Public Health Cases #2: Assessment Cases: A Feasibility Study of Routine Screening for HIV in an Urban Emergency Department #3: Policy Development Cases: An Outbreak of Yellow Fever in Paraguay #4: Assurance Cases: Cardiac Rehabilitation for the Elderly: A Public Health Perspective #5: Ethics Cases: Health Care Ethics Committee #6: Cases on Leadership: AIDSCAP Nepal #7: Cases on Global Health: Saving Mothers’ Lives in Sri Lanka. Preventing Diarrheal Deaths in Egypt. Controlling Trachoma in Morocco. Reducing Guinea Worm in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Controlling Chagas Disease in the Southern Cone of South America. Preventing Dental Caries in Jamaica #8: PUBLIC HEALTH IN ACTION (PRACTICING IN THE REAL WORLD), How Do You Know if You Have Succeeded?


Introduction to Global Health


This course is one of a suite of courses developed in partnership with the UC Global Health Institute (UCGHI). Dedicated to training the next generation of global health leaders, UCGHI harnesses the expertise of faculty and programs across the UC system to improve the health and lives of people in California and around the world. 

Provides a foundational interdisciplinary understanding of global health issues and their importance to various societal goals, including poverty reduction, economic productivity, and peace promotion. Covers major communicable and non-communicable diseases and demographic patterns of disease burden.


Foundations of Epidemiology

SPH 107V

Foundations of epidemiology. Distribution and determinants of disease and injury in populations. Practice of epidemiology as it relates to human populations. Relationship of epidemiology to public health.


Global Health Ethics

This course covers issues of scientific integrity and satisfies the requirements for training in public health ethics. It includes guidelines for responsible conduct of research, federal and international codes, administrative review and approval, conflict of interest, and privacy and safety of research participants. Learn more.