UC Global Health Institute

The UC Global Health Institute (UCGHI) is a UC-wide initiative that stimulates, nurtures, and promotes global health research, education, and collaboration to advance the University’s global health agenda.


UCGHI Black Lives Matter Task Force Supports BLM and Institute-Wide Change

“My understanding of race and racism was set in place…It was more about, how are other people understanding race and racism and how can I help educate and be a part of adjusting, or even just re-imagining and de-colonizing minds around how race and racism is implemented in today’s society.”

UCGHI Incubator Awards: 2021 Winners

UCGHI launched its first UCGHI Incubator Awards program, a competitive planning grants program designed to stimulate multi-campus and multidisciplinary teams that also include local and international partners to propose innovative strategies for addressing significant global health challenges. Meet our grant recipients!

A message from President Drake on the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder

President Drake shares reflections on George Floyd’s memory, and how we must recommit to the work necessary to create a better, more respectful, more inclusive society.

Centenary of the Tulsa Race Massacre

Berkeley Conversations discussion commemorates the centenary of the Tulsa Race Massacre, which occurred in 1921 in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma in an area known as “Black Wall Street.” This lively discussion from a diverse group of panelists explore this history, its enduring impacts, and reparations -- which descendants of Greenwood are currently demanding.

LGBTQ series ‘In the Life’ remains as relevant as ever

UCLA’s archive of the groundbreaking nationally broadcast LGBTQ newsmagazine provides historical context.

One year after George Floyd: When will white Americans rise up for justice?

UC Berkeley author and social justice scholar Savala Nolan reflects on upwelling of anger and revulsion among so many Americans across lines of race, class and culture.

A year of action in diversity, equity and inclusion

News of George Floyd’s death in police custody reverberated across the country and around the world, leading to Black Lives Matter protests and, at UC Davis, a strengthening of the university’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

University of California Press: Advances in Global Health Journal

The editors and publisher of University of California Press’s Advances in Global Health are pleased to announce that the journal is now open for submissions.

UCGHI AAPI perspectives on anti-Asian violence and racism

The global health community has an important role to play in ending racist violence and raising awareness of the societal systems and structures behind this violence. Three AAPI members of the UCGHI community share their thoughts here about the violence against AAPIs, how it has affected them personally, and ways to end it.