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Community engagement principles apply to global health

Community Studies majors at UC Santa Cruz find a road to public and global health causes and careers.

Justice Movement

A symposium at UC Santa Barbara will kick off a global public history project on migration and environmental justice.

Immigrant Asian American women may be at higher risk for breast cancer

UC Riverside research highlights differences in risk among Asian American women who immigrated versus their US-born counterparts.

Tragic birth sparks obstetrician’s pursuit of global health PhD

Nicholas Rubashkin, part of the UCSF Institute for Global Health Science’s first group of PhD students, is working to ensure women’s rights are respected when they give birth.

Researchers hope to tackle methane emissions in manure through use of biochar

Professor Gerardo Diaz and his interdisciplinary team of UC Merced faculty will research how biochar can help reduce methane emissions from manure on dairies.

Low-income undocumented adults are largely locked out of health care in California, study finds

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research found that nine in 10 undocumented adults lack insurance. 

How coral bleaching threatens Caribbean communities

Coral bleaching is often caused by unusually warm ocean temperatures and impacts the communities that rely on the Caribbean sea for food and tourism, according to UC Berkeley study. 

UC Davis alumni using solar power to fight jaundice on global scale

Nicole Ma is co-founder and CEO of the Los Angeles based Compassionlit, where she is honing in on her goal of creating a more sustainable and effective cure for jaundice.

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