Undergraduate Education

UCGHI offers signature online courses and promotes a multitude of campus global health courses, programs and organizations for UC undergraduate students.

Campus Programs and Courses

Global health offerings at each campus are subject to change. Some courses are open for cross-campus enrollment. Please check individual websites for current information.

UC Berkeley

Center for Global Public Health
Global health courses in various departments on campus

Global Poverty and Practice Minor
Coursework and fieldwork with the Blum Center for Developing Economies

Global Public Health Summer Minor
Summer coursework with the School of Public Health

Public Health Bachelor of Arts
Human population health studies in the School of Public Health

UC Davis

Blum Center for Developing Economies
Courses on global poverty and international development; fieldwork opportunities

Global Disease Biology Bachelor of Science and Minor
Interdisciplinary coursework inspired by the One Health concept

UC Irvine

Global Health Research, Education and Translation (GHREAT)
Global Health Certificate Program with coursework and a capstone project; global health courses in various disciplines on campus; Global Health Journal Club

Global Poverty and Inequality Course
Online course from UC Irvine open to all UC undergraduates wanting an introduction to the study of poverty, inequality, and social justice, both in the US and globally

Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation
Online course on Global Poverty and Inequality; Immersive Field Study experience; Global Service Scholars Program for Social Ecology majors


Global Health Minor and Courses
Interdisciplinary study of health issues in a global context with the Blum Center on Poverty and Health in Latin America

UC Merced

Public Health Bachelor of Arts and Minor
Study of population-level challenges to health and well-being

UC Riverside

Global Studies Bachelor of Arts and Minor
Multidisciplinary study of processes and problems that transcend national boundaries

UC San Diego

Global Health Institute
Global health courses in various disciplines on campus

Global Health Master of Arts
One-year graduate program with the Global Health Program

Global Health Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Minor
Interdisciplinary curriculum and field experience with the Global Health Program

International Migration Studies Minor
Comparative perspective of the causes, politics, and social consequences of international migration

UC San Francisco

UCSF offers opportunities only for graduate and professional students, residents and postdoctoral scholars 

UC Santa Barbara

Global Studies Bachelor of Arts and Minors
Global Studies major; Global Peace and Security Studies minor; Women, Culture and Development minor

UC Santa Cruz

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Global and Community Health

Program offers two concentrations:

  • B.S: biomedical or public and community health—that help to prepare students for a healthcare related career or other patient-care careers, or roles in health administration, public health, and advocacy
  • B.A: program trains students to address social determinants of health, fostering skills that will enable them to serve as future leaders in health care, health policy, public health, and community organizing.

Community Analysis for Global Health
Course focuses on health justice and community health where students learn how to be effective agents of global health equity.

Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies Minor
Sociology minor on social justice, sustainable practices and progressive institutional change at global and local levels