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UCGHI and its faculty partners offer a suite of online global health courses open to all University of California students. The courses aim to connect UC students interested in global health, teach them fundamental concepts and complex issues of global health, and inspire them to explore and contribute to this growing discipline.

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Community Analysis for Global Health - Fall 2021

Course focuses on health justice from a political economy perspective, analyzing how health is shaped by the interaction of multiple societal forces, including who holds power and what steps marginalized groups have taken to achieve more just distributions of resources. 

Global Mental Health - Fall 2021

Global Mental Health (GMH) is a field of research, practice, and advocacy prioritizing mental health for all persons and communities worldwide. The course introduces this interdisciplinary field based on analysis of and writing about critical sources from the relevant scholarly literature.

Case Studies in Public Health Practice - Fall 2021 

Presents case studies in various themes of public health practice to demonstrate how the principles of public health were established and continue to evolve.

Principles of Public Health - Fall 2021

Introduces the major concepts and principles of public health and the determinants of health status in communities.

Drug Abuse and Its Prevention - Fall 2021

Theoretical and practical underpinnings of drug abuse and its prevention at the individual and population levels.

Introduction to Global Health - Fall 2021

Provides a foundational interdisciplinary understanding of global health issues and their importance to various societal goals, including poverty reduction, economic productivity, and peace promotion

Climate Change and Disaster Management - Fall 2021

Examines the social, economic, environmental, and health impacts of anthropogenic climate change through engaged learning that integrates practice and theory.

Foundations of Epidemiology - (In development)

Distribution and determinants of disease and injury in populations. Practice of epidemiology as it relates to human populations. Relationship of epidemiology to public health.


Enrolled students may register for UCGHI undergraduate courses and earn credit from their home campus through the UC Cross-Campus Enrollment portal. If your campus hosts the course, you may enroll through your campus registrar.

UCGHI's online courses are developed by interdisciplinary, multi-campus teams of faculty and supported by the UC Office of the President's Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI).

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Introduction to Global Health

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