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UCGHI and its faculty partners through UC Online offer a suite of online global health courses open to all University of California students. The courses aim to connect UC students interested in global health, teach them fundamental concepts and complex issues of global health, and inspire them to explore and contribute to this growing discipline.

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Case Studies in Public Health Practice - Spring 2022 

Presents case studies in various themes of public health practice to demonstrate how the principles of public health were established and continue to evolve.

Principles of Public Health - Spring 2022 

Introduces the major concepts and principles of public health and the determinants of health status in communities.

Global Health Policy and Diplomacy- Spring 2022

Fundamental principles and consequences of global health policy and diplomacy, including governance structure, functions, analysis, advocacy, and outcomes.

Global Health Ethics- Spring 2022

Provides a foundation for understanding and application of key issues in global health ethics and competencies needed to practice global health during outbreaks, pandemics, emergencies and disasters, which raise several ethical issues for health professionals, first-responders, researchers, and government agencies.

Migration and Health- Spring 2022

Provides an introduction to the history, current status, and future of migration and health using the social determinants of health model to foster a multidisciplinary analysis of the status of migrant health around the world. 

Women's Health, Gender and Empowerment - Spring 2022

Provide core knowledge and skills from several disciplines on how to improve women's health and well-being globally, and it will follow a life course framework. 


Enrolled students may register for UCGHI undergraduate courses and earn credit from their home campus through the UC Cross-Campus Enrollment portal. If your campus hosts the course, you may enroll through your campus registrar.

UCGHI's online courses are developed by interdisciplinary, multi-campus teams of faculty and supported by the UC Office of the President's Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI).

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Ethics in Global Health