South Africa

Biobehavioral Research Approaches to reduce Effects of Trauma on Mental and Physical Health and Cognitive Outcomes in South Africa

The UCLA and SARC core faculty and TAMT will conduct a countrywide application process to select one early career research candidate per year for a two-year postdoctoral fellowship. The UCLA/South African Trauma Training Research (Phodiso) Program will prepare future investigators to conduct research on trauma and injury exposure in the context of South Africa's high levels of interpersonal and community violence and intentional injuries.

Research training in HIV-related transfusion medicine and hematology in South Africa

A three-tiered educational approach will be tailored to trainees at various levels of their research careers: in-country short courses on clinical research methodology and protocol design will reach a large number of trainees; for a smaller number lacking skills in study design, biostatistics and data analysis we propose medium-term internships in Cape Town and San Francisco including course work and research internships; finally, for a select few, Master's and PhD training in specific research disciplines will be tailored to their needs at the UCT School of Health Sciences. This training grant will form a partnership between U.S. researchers, the two South African blood service organizations and the University of Cape Town to provide three types of clinical research training to promising young scientists.