Strengthening behavioral and social science research capacity to address the evolving challenges in HIV care and prevention in Uganda

We propose to establish an interdisciplinary research training program at Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS) to strengthen behavioral and social science research (BSSR) expertise in HIV. The proposed program seeks to build capacity for BSSR, utilizing an implementation science lens to improve HIV intervention, service delivery and patient engagement throughout the HIV continua of care and prevention.

Training In Malaria Research in Uganda

With continuation of this program, we will provide short-term, Masters-level, PhD, and postdoctoral training, all linked to mentored research projects. Our goal is to improve research capacity in Uganda to facilitate the control and eventual elimination of malaria. With maturation of our malaria research program in Uganda and an increased supply of highly qualified training applicants, we plan some changes to our program, in particular increased emphasis on higher level training. We now plan 5 training tracks: 1) short-term training outside Uganda; 2) Masters training at Makerere University; 3) advanced Masters training at UCSF; 4) sandwich PhD training at Makerere University; and 5) postdoctoral training.