UCGHI Program Coordinator off to medical school

The UC Global Health Institute is thrilled to congratulate Program Coordinator Linda Shin on her acceptance to medical school. Linda joined the UCGHI team in August 2019 and has demonstrated tremendous leadership, determination, and enthusiasm in advancing the Institute's mission and diversity, equity and inclusion work. UCGHI is celebrating the dedication Linda has shown on the way to this achievement. 

Linda shares some thoughts on her time with UCGHI:

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have grown with UCGHI over the last few years, coupled with the support, mentorship, and friendships that I’ve gained during my time here. I look up to the mission-driven community and network of leaders at UCGHI who are deeply committed to their work in global health and ensuring that the field as a whole champions diversity, equity, and inclusion. It has been such a rewarding experience to work with this community, and I look forward to the future that lies ahead for UCGHI."

Sending you a huge congratulations and wishing you all the best on your next journey, Linda!