COE Student Ambassadors

The Planetary Health Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students who are dedicated to becoming leaders in planetary health and sustainable development. Ambassadors develop, organize and promote planetary health activities on their campuses and across UC to expand knowledge of planetary health issues, mobilize student, faculty and staff involvement in COE initiatives and catalyze critical change.

Kalani Phillips

UC Irvine
Masters of Public Health, Sociocultural Diversity & Health 

Kalani interned with Puspadi Bali, the only NGO that provides rehabilitation, education, and training & advocacy programs for people with disabilities in Bali and East Indonesia. She is currently researching the cultural context behind use of electronic nicotine delivery systems among adolescents/young adults. Kalani is currently working to create a voter guide for Health Justice Advocates of UCI with the aim of increasing voter registration and providing information about the candidates to encourage thoughtful participation in the election process.

Victoria Lee

UC Davis
Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior and Asian American Studies

Victoria is a patient advocate and student leader at Paul Hom Asian Clinic, a student-run clinic providing translational, culturally sensitive and free health services to underserved Asian population. She hopes to pursue a MPH program in the future to promote a medical system that takes into consideration the social, economic, environmental and individual factors that influence health. Victoria's future goals include becoming a family physician who not only provides the healing aspect of medicine, but also the advocacy for patient-centered care.

Audrey McClish

UC Berkeley
Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

Within her studies, Audrey plans to take an interdisciplinary approach to understand healthcare systems around the world with a particular focus on the relationship with mental health. She hopes to work within the public health community to bridge the gap between research and policy implementation in order to create sustainable institutions that effectively address the health of vulnerable populations on both a community and global scale. Audrey currently works with Cal Housing and Dining to address food insecurity and promote food literacy and sustainable practices as an intern for the Housing and Dining Sustainability Advocates (HADSA).

Geremy Lowe

UC Berkeley
Geography and Public Policy

Geremy academic interests include: environmental justice, global poverty, and public health. He is concerned with the future marginalized communities face as a result of economic inequality and spacial discrimination. His role as a research assistant has enhance his passion for demystifying poverty within the Black communities. Geremy is currently conducting original research in understanding contemporary Black Identity and the connection to Black Geography.

Mina Rezaei

UC Davis
Geography, PhD Student

Mina's area of interests include: young people and their environment, raising young people’s  spatial awareness, and collaborative planning.

Nilpa Shah

Masters of Public Health, emphasis in Community Health Sciences 

Nilpa's research interests include relationship of physical and mental health, prevention of chronic diseases, and health and social behavior. She is currently studying the landscape of intimate partner violence prevention and firearm possession policy in Los Angeles at UCLA Health. She previously worked as a project manager for caregiving and pain management projects at UC Davis Health. Nilpa is excited to create synergy across the UCs to foster population resilience to environmental and societal challenges in our local and global communities.

Andrea Delgado

UC Riverside
Environmental Science

Andrea intends to analyze the detrimental effects of land, water, and air contaminants to resources with purposes of restoration, resiliency, and regeneration. She plans to focus on integrating progressive sustainable principles into areas vulnerable to environmental challenges, and take part in innovative urban building strategies. Andrea aims to contribute to the efforts of public service, policy advocacy, green initiatives, and social activism to invest in a dependable sustainable future.

Mizna Akbar

Global Studies

Mizna hopes to become a physician directly working to reduce disparities in healthcare both internationally and locally. Her research interest is public health oriented and my projects have focused on issues like organ donation systems. Mizna's main involvements include preventative health education through the UMMA Volunteer Project and volunteering with UCLA’s Student Stroke Team and the LA Mentorship Program.

Brooke Genovese

UC Davis
Integrative Pathobiology

Brooke focuses on global health problems, especially those concerned with emerging infectious diseases at the human-animal interface. Her academic interests include: Ecoimmunology and ecological drivers of disease emergence, development of vaccines and countermeasures for high-consequence viral pathogens, and fostering collaborative science to end the pandemic era.

Leslie Alfonso

UC Berkeley
Society and Environment

Leslie's academic/field work interests include engaging in the Latinx and the Environment Initiative as a fellow coordinating seminars. She is currently participating in the TGIF grant internship as a student leader coordinating workshops to teach students technical environmental skills needed in jobs in environmental fields. Leslie is working with young children at a daycare center as a classroom assistant.

Thea Adumitroaie

UC Riverside
Environmental Science 

Thea's environmental science interests include the ocean and atmosphere. She has been presenting at the IEEE Junior Aerospace Conference for 8 years, most recently presenting on the geoengineering approaches in mitigating climate change. Thea plans on joining a research laboratory regarding geological oceanography this Winter Quarter.

Cortni Bardier

UC San Diego
Masters of Global Health

Cortni is interested in reproductive and women's health, epidemiology, substance use and environmental health. She plans to do research on vaping for her thesis this year. Cortni interested in health and wellness through a critical lens by working to decrease disparities and harm.

Vandana Teki

​UC Santa Cruz
Human Biology

Vandana is pursing a career towards healthcare and is part of the club Pre Soma which is directed for students pursuing in the medical field. She is aiming to provide proper medical healthcare to women all over the world especially those who can't afford any healthcare including their children as well. Vandana also has a goal towards proper clean water that is available to all no matter what their social class.

Geoffrey Koch

UC Davis
PhD Student –Soils and Biogeochemistry Graduate Group

Geoffrey is interested in managing soils and agricultural systems to improve soil health, improve output, and reduce environmental degradation. He considers productive soils and natural ecosystems as precious resources that need to be managed carefully to maintain them for future generations. Geoffrey utilizes known and emerging techniques to better understand how natural and managed ecosystems function so agriculture can be achieved without damaging natural resources.

Vanshika Desai​

UC Davis
Global Disease Biology and Psychology

Vanshika currently works at the Knights Landing One Health Medical Clinic, and volunteers as a counselor for UC Davis Camp Kesem. Spending the majority of her life outdoors, she has gained a massive appreciation for the environment and hopes to pursue a career in the future that works towards preserving the Earth’s beauty while also maintaining her interests in biology and medicine.