Latina mothers experienced jump in preterm births after 2016 election

July 31, 2019
A new UC Berkeley study suggests the 2016 presidential election may have adversely affected the health of Latinx mothers and their babies.

UC Speaks Up for research and prevention of campus-based sexual violence

July 18, 2019
Learn how a multi-campus effort is creating a concrete picture of how students, faculty and staff perceive interpersonal violence and the resources available in their communities.

Alumna’s film about Syrian refugees wins Audience Award for Best Feature at SF DocFest

July 15, 2019
We Are Not Princesses, the first feature film by UC Santa Cruz alumna Bridgette Auger (SocDoc ’11) was honored at the 2019 San Francisco Documentary Film Festival.

A third of children up to age 3 exposed to Zika in-utero have neurological problems

July 8, 2019
New UCLA-led research suggests that 32% of children up to the age of 3 years who were exposed to the Zika virus during the mother’s pregnancy had below-average neurological development.

Meet Rachel L. Kaplan, trailblazing UCSF researcher fighting transphobia

July 1, 2019
Kaplan is undertaking the first ever study on HIV treatment and prevention among transgender women in Lebanon.

UCSC celebrates graduation of first Feminist Studies PhDs

June 17, 2019
From Romania to Armenia and back to Silicon Valley, these PhDs are taking a global perspective. 

Berkeley Talks: Feminist legal scholar Catharine MacKinnon on the butterfly politics of #MeToo

June 17, 2019
"Butterfly politics means that the right, small intervention in the structure of an unstable political system can ultimately produce systemic change."

UC San Diego report finds California above national average for sexual harassment rates

May 31, 2019
Immigrant-born men; gay and lesbian Californians are also at increased risk.

The role of data science and machine learning to combat human trafficking

May 22, 2019
Researchers and advocates gathered at UC Berkeley to discuss how AI can help prevent child exploitation and combat human trafficking.

Taking the border crisis to heart

May 22, 2019
UCLA students and faculty assist mothers and children seeking asylum in the United States.