UC Global Health Day 2021 - Creative Expressions: Photography, Video, & Poetry Contest

The UC Global Health Institute is committed to amplifying the diverse voices in our community of students, trainees, staff, and faculty across the University of California and our many local and global partners. In this collective moment, with the challenges of a global pandemic and the threat of increasing climate change, both of which disproportionally impact underrepresented racial and ethnic communities, we want to invite you from various disciplines ranging from health sciences, social sciences, public policy, law, humanities, to business administration.

The UCGHD 2021 Creative Expressions Contest will accept photograph, video, and/or poetry submissions . The contest serves as a means to capture the passion and experience of our local and global community in public health during the pandemic.


Cash prizes are available in each category (photography, videography and poetry):

  • First place winners will receive $500 USD
  • Second place winners will receive $350 USD
  • Third place winners will receive and $250 USD


  • To amplify diverse voices and perspectives in global health, particularly regarding social justice and health equity
  • To showcase the outstanding and innovative work of UC students, trainees, faculty and staff (and affiliated local and global partners) in their local communities and around the world
  • To build an engaged virtual community across the UC and with our partner institutions locally and globally


Please select one of the following prompts and a medium of your choice (photography, video, and/or poetry):

  1. Health equity during the pandemic
  2. Social justice in global health

Photography: High quality photograph (maximum file size 100MB), title, and 150-200 word statement.

Video Contest: Short video (2 minutes maximum).

Poetry Contest: One poem ranging from 3 - 26 lines (including stanza breaks). For each line, a maximum of 55 characters per line, including spaces.

PLEASE NOTE: Historically, images related to global health have perpetuated negative and destructive stereotypes about many people, cultures, and places around the world. An example of this is a concept known as “poverty porn,” which has been defined as "any type of media, be it written, photographed, or filmed, which exploits [poverty-stricken peoples’] condition in order to generate the necessary sympathy for selling newspapers, increasing charitable donations, or support for a given cause," by development economist Matt Collin (Brookings Institution, Washington D.C.). Here is a great video that exemplifies this concept. 


  • Entrant must be a current University of California student, trainee (i.e. post-doc), fellow, resident, faculty or staff member; or be an an affiliated local or global partner with a UC campus or UCGHI 
  • One can enter the contest as an individual or as a team (3 team members max).
  • Team members can consist of students, trainees, fellows, or faculty, and do not need to be affiliated with the UC system. However, the team leader who will submit the video entry must be a current University of California student, trainee (i.e. post-doc), fellow, resident, faculty or staff member.  In the event of a win, the team leader will be the one contacted to receive the prize.
  • Each individual or team entrant is allowed one submission per medium (photo, video, poem). For example, an individual or team can enter one photo, one video, and one poem.
  • The submission must be the original idea of the submitting individual or team.

>> Creative Expressions submission form